Some more info from BT Darren

This looks interesting. I’m a little behind on my broadband technology but I do know that third party shuffles are generally Bad Things for the customer. Have a read:

The company behind the line rental / calls for CPW (3rd party) is a company called CORE, however, when a customer gets transfered onto LLU (which, as per there TCs they can do at anytime without telling the customer, and without the customer even having broadband), the CORE account is cancelled and bought by a company called OPAL (they do have a website you can check out), during this stage, even the CPW advisors believe that the account has been cancelled and so the TALK service is then cancelled too, until OPAL see fit to provide them with service. It has been known to be a difference of atleast a week apart in some cases (again CPW TCs do state there can be a drop-out on service!!!), so basically, the account is being transfered from 1 3rd party to another 3rd party. May be worth doing research on Opal… NEXT…THE BIG ONE .. . .
Broadband companies, including BT use technology called DSLAM in the exchange, which gives the ability of voice and data over the line. However, TalkTalk (Opal) do not use Dslam (or ADSL), they use a product which is only still being trialed by BT (in Cardiff, I believe), this new product is for the roll-out of the new phone-line structure across the UK which BT have been working on for the last couple of years, known as 21CN. In otherwords, talktalk (opal) broadband IS NOT COMPATABLE with ADSL lines, or can be “shaky”, i.e service drop out, low speeds etc etc. In order for a customer to have proper service, the customers line must be an ordinary PSTN line, and not a broadband enabled line (ADSL) when it moves over to TalkTalk…..So guys, the chances are if your service (BB) is dropping out, or running slow, the chances are you have an ADSL line, and TalkTalk are using a technology which is not DSLAM at the exchange……

Ring BT and ask if your line was an ADSL line when it moved over to TalkTalk, if so, then you will have problems.

Thanks Darren!

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