Paul is P O’d

It’s interesting to see what happens whan Talk Talk does sever the connection. It seems to be as final as town square beheadings in the days of yore.

OH MY GOD!. i was going to go with talk talk onthe basis that i could have the broadband in june…. lone behold AFTER the 12 day period i get a letter saying i will go live on etc etc but my broadband wont be on till august. i promptly phone them and say i am no longer interested because i was lied too. NO PROBLEM THEY SAID!. next thing iknow i have been cut off from BT and talk talk are charging me stupid amounts for something i dont want. then i get back onto them and they finally agree to disconnect me so i can go back to BT without the cancellation charges and will take of the service charges (i even said i would pay for my call charges). as promised they disconnected me and i got onto BT to go back to them.

BT want to charge me £160 to reconnect because bloody talk talk physically cut the damn line!. now i can never get thru to talk talk and i am stuck with nothing. cant have no internet or phone line unless i go to NTL and i aint EVER going there. so all in all to correct everything i have to pay out £200.47 to go back to how i was when they wasnt even sposed to come to me in the first place! will talk talk help ?? will they heck!. if anyone knows anyway i can make these i**** sort this out so i can have my internet and my phone line back without having to pay £200.47 for talk talks mistake i would really appreciate it

Recommendations? I do find that awfully good for Talk Talk when that letter saying you won’t be connected until cold day in hell comes after the cooling off period. You’d think it’s set up that way…

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3 responses to “Paul is P O’d

  1. does anyone actually want any help or are you ignoring my offers?, if all u wnt to do is rant then we shall just go back to posting funky recepies….i’ve offered 3 times now to help and instead of replies, all i see is new posts ( mole must be invisible )
    i shall return underground if u do not need me
    there are worms that need eating you know

  2. Hi mole, we definitely want your help. I’m still in the process of catching up from my holiday last week. (Hence the post flood :).)

  3. If the telephone line is in situ then BT will not charge you to re-connect it.

    The reason you are being told you will be charged is because the line has been ceased (not stopped). BT have given you wrong info on this one, as long as the line and all the wiring is in situ and has been used before, you will not be charged.

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