Oliver awestruck at Talk Talk’s requests

I could be entirely delusional when I think that this is the way broadband setup is supposed to go:

1. Call ISP and tell them you want service, hooray!
2. ISP does line test to see if you’re supported
3. If line test comes back positive, you are given an activation date
4. BT or other engineers enable your line for digital
5. Modem is sent, follow instructions and it works.

Something is falling over at option 4 for Oliver. Talk Talk keep asking him to call BT himself to do the line activation. What the sausage?

Yep, I’ve had a nightmare, particularly with the Broadband setup. Twice now I have received letters asking me to contact BT to have my line converted to analogue to allow
TT’s Broadband to work. BT don’t want to know, and say TT should be talking to them direct. I received the second letter after TT assured me it was all ready to go, the line
was fine etc. So off I go into call centre hell. Massive waiting times. Disconected mid conversation numerous times. Nobody who knows what they’re doing. Just all round shit

Meanwhile I’m still paying £22/month to my existing Broadband supplier which I was hoping to cancel ASAP to make the most of TT’s ‘savings’. So I can’t bear it any more,
I’ve applied to BT to switch me back to them. This will be done in 10 days – but wait, I have to pay a CANCELLATION CHARGE to TT of £70 for a service I never fully received!?
I have just left it with BT for now who assure me that they will sort it all out, but presumably I will get direct debited for the £70 by TT at some point? So I have a question –
what happens if I just cancel my direct debit now before they gat the chance to fleece me for any more cash?

I’m not really sure. Can you guys give pointers? I do know that our lovely Andre and a few others have been sent to collections when they were in quite a similar situation.

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5 responses to “Oliver awestruck at Talk Talk’s requests

  1. Message for Oliver and anyone else who is interested. I moved house on June 30th – Numerous letters and e-mails sent to TT from June 26th onwards informing them of this move. To this day I have never received any correspondance from TT acknowledging that I have moved. I did stop my DD to TT as indeed I did for Gas Elec Rates etc etc. I have received collection chases from TT and I have spoken to someone once from TT. My feeling is that I should pay whatever exit charges are due to TT – even the £70 broadband exit charge – but only when I receive a proper TT letter setting it all down. I have never before experienced a company like TT who are just appalling at customer service.

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  3. The simple answer is, ideally14 days notice is required if you wish to move home, any company requires notice, common sense.
    I have worked for BT in the past who own the lines and if Richard had contacted TT he would have been advised that BT would need to be contacted to arrange the line at his new property to be activated and the number confirmed along with the date to activate. Without this info TT can do nothing, he could then move his TT service. Customer service cannot help if the customers themselves do not give them a chance to help.


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