Finally caught up to A! Recommendations round up

Hi guys!

Ok, I’m doing fairly well now. Still around 5 days behind but catching up quickly. It’s a good thing I have a lot of data to move around today. (Takes a while, even with a SATA RAID.)

I posted a while back a regarding ways we can get the site to work constructively. Andre mailed in with a link to another petition and some great ideas (you guys aren’t alone by any stretch of the imagination.)

Here are some things you guys can do to get the ball rolling:


Totally agree with you and Darren. One way would be to dispaly the petition very well visible on your homepage and I guess it might be better to use this petition j(sorry Tiffany) just because there are more signatures on and people can hide their name from the web (google) Come on guys – sign it… They need 500. It is possible. Maybe then the Guardian will start reporting about this site?

doing a search for Carphone Warehouse if the link doesn’t work

2. Keeping on with the Guardian theme, here’s the e-mail address for the tech editor:

3. Read Christopher’s Christopher’s info and e-mail the folks therin.

4. Try some of the new e-mail addresses and phone numbers we’ve been sent:

0800 0280188
0208 8965000
01743 232637
0208 4704570
0208 8965000
0208 8965100

5. Check out the tips tag here for the expanding list of things to avoid and try.

6. Send people Darren and Bart666’s terms and conditions round ups to show them what they’re getting into.

7. Also, as recommended by Andre and Darren, some sort of en masse effort. Just so you know, I don’t live that far from Preston…. Ideas? The more bizarre, the better.

8. Forward this site! 🙂

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