Darren returns… Talk Talk price increase?

Have a looksie here and tell me what you think, any recent customers experience this?

Hi Tiffany.. Well, they are starting to do it. Talk Talk have now changed, there are no free international calls now on the broadband deal,
they have changed there talk3 international.

First of all, there is a £29.99 one-off connection fee to have the package (this does not include broadband)
then the user pays £9.99 per month

That is before they start making any calls !!!

This gives them international calls for free for the first 70 mins of each call.

In comparasion, BTs international package is £1 per month, instead of free calls though, they are charged at 3p per minute,
however VOIP BT is non subscribtion and gives international at 1.25pence per min.

Anyhow, the whole point is they have changed the package deal, and their terms do state they can change details and prices at anytime.

thought you may like to know

I did indeed Darren. What do you guys think? Hardly free forever….

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