Chris carefully reconsiders


This is what the future FAQs page is for. For some reason though, whenever I read these posts (as dreadful example of business I’ve ever seen) I hear Whitesnake in my head. ‘Here I go again on my own.’ Blessedly without the accent of a certain Big Brother housemate. Have a read through, find the broken promises and the satisfied relationship somewhere else. The candy heart? That’s for you guys. We’ve gone over 25,000 page views today. 🙂

I switched from BT to Talk Talk back in May 06 thinking what a fantastic deal with free broadband. The phone line was set to switch in early June with the broadband being activated in July. The phone line switched over without a hitch and every thing was OK until I recieved the first bill in late June. They had overcharged me and when I tried to contact customer services I was cut off due to a high volume of calls. I tried periodically over a 3 day period and still could not get through. In desperation I sent an email. No response for 10 days!!!. I finally cancelled the DD as I had not received any response.

I did get an email but only to confirm my password and other details. I responded and then eventually got an email mid July detailing the charges but still not answering my previous questions!

I also received a phone call from their collections centre requesting payment. I replied that I had not received any reply and that I had a query on the bill. I was threatened that if I did not pay this bill it would be forwarded to a collections agency however the agent did confirm that I would NOT be cut off.

The following day, I came back from a meeting in London and needed to make a phone call. Guess What- I had been cut off and was automatically put through to the collections department. Again I had the argument but they did not want to know. I had to pay and try and resolve the issue at a later date.

Over the past month I have spent over 10 hours in total on the phone to Carphone Warehouse. I even went to my local store to try and resolve the issues. They to spent 45 minutes trying to get through and I was then promised a resolution but to date my quries have not been resolved to my satisfaction. I have sent 2 letters to their London office complaining however I have still not received any reply.

I have now switched back to BT and I am refusing to pay the £70 charge they want to cancel my contract.

My Broadband was cancelled in June however I received a modem, username and password details. I was also charged £29.99 for the modem which again I have refused to pay. Due to the Broadband line issue, I have just been issued a MAC code to give to BT and hopefully I will be up and running with their new HomeHub in the near future.

The charge of £29.99 is for the modem however I have managed to get that credited back to my account.

This has been a real fiasco and I firmly believe that the calls which increased shortly after receiving the service are only slightly cheaper than BT but they really catch you if you dial 0800, 0870, 0845 or mobile numbers. My bill worked out to be more expensive than BT!

All I have to say is “Stick it up your Ar****** Dunstone!”

The candy heart? I don’t think that’s quite big enough for the frustration you guys have vocalized.

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3 responses to “Chris carefully reconsiders

  1. Hello,

    I signed up with Talktalk in May 06. I never received their Welcome Pack. I still don’t know my account number. I still have not received any bills. I haven’t got broadband either due to some spurious service left on my BT line.

    I’ve talked to BT about the line and they said it was compatible with Talktalk Broadband so I have no idea whether BT or Talktalk was saying the right thing.

    There’s no way to speak to Talktalk. I was given an email address for the broadband desk but it bounced back.

    I asked Talktalk via email about the lack of a Welcome Pack and account details and bills. They gave vague answers about my account being with them but had not gone ‘live’, and that there was a Direct Debit set up – BUT I’ve never given them my bank details – nor have I set up any DD for Talktalk. I gave up on them after a few exchanges of emails.

    At this moment in time, I have no idea about the status of my account with Talktalk, although my phone line is working.

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  3. hello , my mate has talktalk just for the phone and has not had a bill for a year…so he gets total free calls….i signed up in april for broadband and had same trouble as you …but i am connected now but not resived their modem ….i just put my unser name and pasword into my netgear router and connected ok…iv not droped off of line yet like the other , but its the first week….only fault with the connection i can see at the moment is gaming…on a evening the ping of the server i play on goes fron 24 through the day to 300 pluss on a evening…not sure if this is talktalk problem yet….keep ringing them up its free….but now i wish i had stopped with AOL…my advice to everyone on talktalk is get a netgear router and take their soft ware off of your computers

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