Cathy is so tired, tired of waiting….

The waiting game. What do you do to pass the time? The last time I was on hold I couldn’t play RF Online, so I had to go over to some Koei titles. If my consoles are unavailable due to other person, do Soduku.

I have been waiting and waiting for my broadband, have phoned and phoned as had not received my contract. They say they have no trace of my broadband yet I have been billed for phone, I was not given a security number, one was never mentioned so therefore never knew I should have had one. I am disgusted as I have phoned and phoned and it keeps going dead, I get passed from number to number and eventually got another number which was not correct. I phoned back and got the correct number, at last someone was helpful and I was told I would be contacted in 8 hours, but I am still waiting.

Ah yes, again, part of the reason for the future FAQ. SSDD.

Talk to Cathy

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2 responses to “Cathy is so tired, tired of waiting….

  1. on your bill, does it say talk3 international or not?

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