Amusingly enough….

It just took me about 4 tries to get online. Each time error 721 which generally means the remote computer isn’t responding. What about you guys?

Alas, Stephen knows:

signed up for talk talk free broadband

worked fine for a day or so..

Then went off, spoke to about 4 or 5 different so called technical support, who were to say the least “useless”!

After telling them there was no active adsl on the line they said it was active and it was the router we had to use there modem so we did and it still didnt work,

to cut a very long story short we spent about £25 on calls and recieved no usefull tech support! Thus they were in breach of contract and we cancelled!!!!

never again will i have anything to do with TALK TALK!!

Talk to Stephen

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2 responses to “Amusingly enough….

  1. What modem do you have. I had the speedtouch 330 and had the same problem – sometimes it took me 10 min on trying before I got online (resynching the modem each time). Managed to finally get through to 2nd line support and they told me there they would send a new driver to me. Got it, installed it and I am finally happy(er!)

  2. Hey TFD. Speedtouch as well I think. Do you have the driver? Any chance of sending to me?

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