Physical addresses for Talk Talk?

This may have already been addressed but Debra has written in wanting physical addresses for Talk Talk or CPW’s corporate headquarters. Anyone have it? Post it here.

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5 responses to “Physical addresses for Talk Talk?

  1. craven more-head

    It’s on the bill,
    1 portal way

  2. Thanks guys, put those up on the info page. Much appreciated :).

  3. 1 Portal Way London w36rs- near Acton station according to mulitmap. Shall we organise a sit in? 😉
    Anyone got any tips for getting my MAC code quickly? I surrender…

  4. Tips for getting MAC code quickly ? easy solution is to phone Openreach (ask BT for number) and ask them to remove the marker from your line. Then when you order broadband from anyother supplier, you wont need a MAC code.

  5. I think we should. I was hoping it was Preston, nice and close. Thanks Liz 🙂

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