LLU causing all sorts of problems. BT or Talk Talk? Or both?

In the olden days the technology worked fine. A bit slower than the ultimate speedy Internet of the future but at least people could make phone calls.

My Mum has had no fixed line phone connection at all for the past 6 days thanks to the local loop unbundling TalkTalk is doing in her area (KT12). She was a OneTel customer and when Talk Talk took over, her phone and internet connection were working OK. Recently she got a letter informing her of the upgrade, but it only suggested a very short downtime of approximately 30 minutes.

Via mobile phone we do find Talk Talk customer service answer quickly. Inititally they said that BT have a 48 hour period for solving the problem, but this has long since gone. Talk Talk is just blaming BT for the problem and seem to have no idea when it will be solved.

Hey Mark, this is a bit after the fact. Did it get resolved? Talk to Mark

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10 responses to “LLU causing all sorts of problems. BT or Talk Talk? Or both?

  1. Thank you very much Mr. Dunstone :). Posted… and hopefully abused at will!

  2. On the day I was meant to move to LLU (27th August 2006) my service was cut off and I have now been without service for over six weeks. I finally got a response from TalkTalk agreeing to terminate my contract but they still have not released my number so BT cannot restore my line. In over 13 years of dealing with ISPs and phone companies, I have never had such bad service. Just to show they could get even worse, they are now demanding money for the month of September during which time I have had no service whatsoever. I cancelled my direct debit in time to avoid paying them any more.

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  4. I have had the same….all was fine til the LLU upgrade,then no phone and no net……next to no customer service……Talktalk need shooting!!!……it is the worst experiance of my life!!…be warned….do not go near them!!

  5. I was due to receive the LLU upgrade on 24/10. Since then I have had no phone or internet access. Trying to contact helplines is very difficult. Then after finally geting through to a UK call centre on the Friday afternoon, I was told nothing could be done as it was an engineering problem associated with the upgrade. It took until Monday morning when a friendly operator in South Africa, took my details and actually logged a fault!

  6. I am stuck waiting for talk talk broadband.. so at least 20 days without unmetered dialup so they say. Anyone know of a way round apart from satellite connections

  7. Here I am again! Finally managed to get rid of talk talk. After 6 weeks of no service and a very sporadic landline telephone service we have finally gone back to BT. And yet….. every day I STILL receive text messages from talk talk engineers telling me they are trying to sort out the problem. Same story as Sophos. I have been told by customer service that we will get compensation but then we receive a bill and are told that we have to pay £70 just to get rid of them! Bloody cheek. they can whistle for the money. they’re not getting another penny. well we have certainly learnt lessons from this. NEVER use talk talk!

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  9. i WAS with tiscali until they blessed me with LLU in may06, and from june06 when i cancelled my account up until to this day, tiscali hasnt released my line NOR has talktalk done anything on its part to actually HELP me in obtaining their broadband service which im entitled from their talk3 package! both tiscali and talktalk are a bunch of deranged monkeys that need bananas be shoved down their throats. anyone now what i shud do to come out of this ‘no internet’ stone age era iv been left in?

  10. Well, my LLU upgrade is scheduled for April 2007. After my initial broadband go-live date was brought forward in August 2006 by three weeks, looks like they’re doing the same with the LLU (postcode AB12). received a call last night, phone rang twice about 23:30 but then nothing, and no-one on the other end. Phone went dead for a while, I don’t know I went to sleep. Just checked now at 04:00, and I find my call diverts have been cancelled (no ‘stuttered’ tone that indicates it’s active) and the ‘dead’ tone when I call an invalid number seems to have an echo on it. All very odd after 9 months of stellar service. Here’s hoping it’s not a taster of things to come.

    TalkTalk, I’ve been impressed to say the least with your service so far, don’t spoil it now and make me regret joining you.

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