Karl couldn’t cope

Ok guys, I have to reiterate, please DO NOT POST PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE COMMENTS. Apologies for the caps but I keep getting comments e-mailed to me with customer addresses, customer phone numbers and customer e-mail addresses. Unless it’s for Carphone Warehouse or Talk Talk, try and keep it private.That is not the sort of thing you want on the Internet on random websites. Ok? If you want me to try and get a hold of a helpful employee for you, e-mail me and I’ll do my best to work something out.

The comment this came from has been removed.

Karl is looking for advice and I do have his e-mail address.

When i signed up for talktalk i was told that all i would have to pay each month is 20.99 they did not tell me about the VAT, My iternet will not work and as every one keeps saying it takes about 20 to 30 mins to get trought to them. I want to cancel but been told it would cost me 70 .00 plus 29.99 for the internet to witch i have never been able to get on to there customer service is crap my bills with the post office was about 57.99 every 3 months and now with talk talk its about 78.00 every 3 months, so im lossing out what a crap move and i will not be paying my bills i have stoped the direct debit to my bank and they do not tell u if u dont have there spyware and protection you will not be able to call them if you have a problem with your internet. I am so mad and think they should not ofer this service to any more people till they have got the other people sorted out. I have wrote to them and had a repliy but it did not say they would refund me if i canceled my service with them please do not change your provider i was with AOL for about 5 years and tried to save some money but am going back to them and the Post office for my phone line the grass is not greener let me tell you.

Can anyone help Karl? It is useful to know that the price doesn’t include VAT. But stay tuned, we’ll have a post about price increases a little later on.

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