Comments from some IPs now moderated

I’m getting tired of random recipes, songs and general crap from the CPW call centre. Comments from are now moderated. It was fun while it lasted and if you have something constructive to say, or something that isn’t a random celebrity chef post, then I’ll release it. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. I have to give you guys credit though, much longer attention span than anticipated.

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4 responses to “Comments from some IPs now moderated

  1. cheers, it was fun though

    thanks for letting us ahave a little fun, whilst we totally agre with some of the stuff that’s on this site, it’s actually been great feedback, we have taken alot of the comments on board and it’s proving to be quite constructive.
    thanks for you sense of humour-u still rock

  2. You’re welcome to post here if you have something to say. And thank you :). We’re more than willing to hear your side of the story. I was just tired of getting tons of comment notifications with recipes. Though, some do look quite good :).

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  4. it was fun whilst it lasted

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