Our little CPW friends should take note

What happens when you call customer services, tech support, retention or the MD and still Carphone Warehouse can’t deliver? Kind of blows the whole ‘just be patient’ and ‘we’re having teething issues’ arguments out of the water. Very Fed Up has had exactly that kind of experience.

TalkTalk – never never, its a joke signed up for Talk Talk April told go live date would be 16th June, 16th June came and went, I got a Mac code has asked from Wanadoo, they disconnected me beginning of June, still no Internet access from Talk Talk. Have cancelled with Talk Talk gone back to BT, but Talk Talk will not give me a Mac code to enable me to go to another ISP. Tried ringing Ofcom they cannot help either suggest keep asking Talk Talk. Have been promised it 3 times but still not received it, they will not answer emails. Cost 10p pm to hang on forever. Talk Talk Joke Joke, wish I had never been suckered into their trap.

That’s just for basic service. Tried Talk Talk, they failed to provide, moved to a different ISP and now they won’t let her go. She’s done everything she’s supposed to do. When will Talk Talk fulfill their part of the deal?

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