For every one writing to tell us we’re wrong…

We have at least 12 posts from unhappy customers. I’m on the fence about outsourcing. I do think that our Indian/Pakistani brethren are probably just as technical and competent as the rest of us. However, I also know that no matter the outsourced company you call, it can be difficult to communicate. I’ve had problems with the Dutch at Microsoft before, just because their accents are quite thick and I’m not used to them.

But yes, a lot of cheap and nasty companies do use outsourced call centres and it can make things difficult not only because of basic communication issues but also just logistics about systems and regional knowledge.

Just tried to complain to Talk Talk, had a terrible service but cancelled three days after being sent a modem that would not connect to Broadband (despite them telling me it was already connected up in my area). The problem is their call centres seem to be basede abroad, in India, where many cheap and nasty companies export their labour (to sweatshop like conditions which governments in the UK and other Western nations do nothing to stop). Tonight I got through to a “Mr Ahmed” who hung up on me after asking for my number. I was half way through telling him it when the phone went dead. This has been the umpteenth time one of their advisors has done this.

Talk Talk are s***** (Ed: Removed as requested by CPW PLC’s legal team.) If you sign up with them you’re in for trouble. I cancelled all direct debits immediately after the bum modem and half hour call waiting times (any company that keeps you online for that long is not worth it)

You managed to stay on hold for 30 minutes? I’m impressed! Talk to Mr. Pissed Off

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2 responses to “For every one writing to tell us we’re wrong…

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