Advice from a door to door salesman


‘Don’t use it during busy times.’ Do you think, maybe, just maybe, that busy times are busy for a reason? It’s a bit like train companies telling us not to use trains during rush hour. We would avoid it, you know, if we could. But there are certain social rules preventing that from happening.

same problems as everyone else since may can sometimes access emails, given up trying to phone them …hopless advice although i did get an apology for the problems i was experiencing but no solution. By chance 1 of their henchmen turned up on my door trying to sell me their services the next day, you can imagine the welcome he got, I suggested he stopped selling until current customers could be coped with, he said i should just avoid using it at busy times and also said he knew nothing about computors anyway so couldn’t help….then promptly gave his sales pitch to my neighbour, who I’ve warned! Ps.only found this site while desperatly trying to get my mail…AGAIN!!! Anyone who ‘fixes’ it please tell

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One response to “Advice from a door to door salesman

  1. lol, sounds like they worked with the gas and eletricity companies getting the customer ‘a better deal’. Before ofgas and other bodies had to do something about it as nobody wanted to move and found they had anyhow.

    Explains where those people went and what there doing now.

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