A chance to Talk Talk back

I’m not really sure what Carphone Warehouse are expecting from this survey. It’s a customer ‘satisfaction’ poll. It only takes a minute to fill out:

At ecustomeropinions.com

Thank you Michael!

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3 responses to “A chance to Talk Talk back

  1. I am fed up with e-mail error coming up when I have put in my correct address & password please please sort this
    From another dissatisfied customer

  2. have you checked your settings at all?

  3. curved slightly

    hhhhmmm, it’s raining outside…i’ll blame my isp……hang on a minute…graz is right, has this guy actually checked anything? you know, sometimes things do go wrong and need fixing by the end-user. my MSWord crashed last night, did i ring microsoft, NO! i just rebooted, made a brew and then went back to my computer.
    this is getting silly now, if these people have a genuine problem then yes i can see there’s something to moan about but now were starting to see normal everyday glitches that occur with every ISP, jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it me-thinks

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