Some tips

S has e-mailed in with a great list of tips. Have a look:

I though I’d write in with a few pointers regarding TalkTalk. Might help a few of you who are having trouble with us.

1. Don’t ever sign up via the agents who go round cold selling. They might talk about the fantastic broadband offer but they CANNOT sell it to you as they don’t have the broadband checker. Don’t trust a word that they say.

2. The broadband team training: what a joke. It amounts to about five hours in total. How can anyone with so little training be of any help to anybody.

3. When you write in do you ever get an explanation that just isn’t the right answer? Thats because the broadband team simply use the same 30 or so templates for pretty much everybody. Even if they know it’s the wrong answer they’l send it just to keep the targets up (Works out at 9 minutes an email and 18 minutes a letter).

4. Want an answer fast? Have a look at the help and support page on the website. If you write or phone in we’l just be using the very same page.

5. The 8 meg broadband has just been turned on: Total meltdown. They’ve only got about 1000 people on it and already they can’t cope. TalkTalk truly are the larder of all broadband packages.

8. When writing in there’s no point addressing a letter to Charles or anyone else. They all get answered by the same team no matter what.

9. Do be nice to the employee’s of TalkTalk. We really are working hard to help you all with many of us doing extra hours to help cope with the volume of correspondence where receiving at the mo. If somebody starts arguing I lose all interest in helping them.

10. When writing in keep it to the point. We receive too many letters and emails that are pages and pages talking about what’s happened but with no requests of what they actually want doing. Keep it short- What the problem is and what you want us to do for you.

11. Alot of customers are cancelling their Direct Debit’s to aparantly get our attention. Don’t. It causes far more problems than its worth trust me.

12. Always include your account number and telephone. If you don’t tell us who you are we can’t help you.

13. If you use your line for business use don’t even bother asking for compensation for business losses. You’l never get it. I had a guy asking for thousends as he didn’t have his broadband connection. All I can offer him is a tenner. Like a slap in the face.

14. There is a problem at the moment with the calls being dropped. It is meant to be getting fixed soon.

Thank you S! The bit about the training doesn’t surprise me. For as long as I’ve been aware of the inner workings of tech support, it’s been like that.

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31 responses to “Some tips

    1. ON THE 11TH AUG IN 48HRS

  2. you can go back tio BT for broadband, but do warned the systems will charge you an ealry disconnection fee

    i doubt the company will cover the dial up charges, they will use as it was your decision to use this, they cannot be hold liable

  3. also they are also now contacting more customers via phone, however bear in mind the correspondence agencts have very limited information available to them

  4. I’ve got to clarify something here.

    I’m a talk talk tech support employee and the training for second line techs is two weeks classroom and two weeks with a coach doing the job.

    It is much more than five hours and credit goes out to the teachers and the coachers who are working there arses off to get hundreds of employees trained…

  5. curved slightly

    just a quick word in your ear mine herr—if you are a new employee of a big company then dont you think slagging it off whilst in your first few weeks is a good idea, looking fo a quick trip to the dole q me-thinks. how’sa bout getting a job u want ( like working at macdonalds or something for no money-you phone monkey ) u probobly just saw the advert and thought yeah that’ll do while i’ve got nowt else to do……if u hate the company so much and u have sympathy for these “people” who just want to moan ( got time on their hands eh? ) then why dont you do something useful and post a few hints and tips for them then. what about a few quick fixes like how to connect a modem manually or reinstall the drivers ( not many people know, it’s not rocket science but if youre not computer literate then u’ll never know ) what about the “part month explanation” on the bills, that sort of stuff. I’d do it myself but my little finger hurts now and it needs a band-aid

  6. Thankyou, Graz TAlkTalkEmployee for your feed back
    However, if a Company cannot provide the promised service, ie broadband, and i am forced to pay for a connection, then i feel a court would look at this in a differant light.
    Re getting another provider for Broadband I am going to stay with Talktalk for my phone and pay £20.?? a month so how could TalkTalk charge for early disconnection when i will still be paying?

    Still no BT engineer back to CPW on Monday Morning
    Thanks Graz i know its not your fault and there are some great staff in your team

  7. curved slightly


    if a company can’t provide what it’s promised, then for christ’s sake just get a manager to sort out the acc at “no-fee”, i’ve been looking at all this gripy stiff and half of this crap coul be sorted out NOW!, does anyone read the terms and conditions, i think everyone here is expecting crap when they ring talktalk so much that they interprete every answer as a negative….are talktalk at fault for not supplying your broadband….u tell me why they can’t supply it and i’ll tell u if you deserve your money back or waiver of the disconnection fee buddy

  8. curved slightly

    graz—–i think i know u don’t i?

  9. curved slightly

    come on… got your tounge? lets sort all this rubbish out now……….there is no problem that cannot be rectified….help me to help you!

  10. curved slightly

    by the way S, give us a clue….who are you….now dont be shy, i wont bite…….just be great to know ur name

  11. OK – So Talktalk are telling you that the only way to sort the problem out is for BT to send an Engineer to your Local Exchange? What do you think happens from there? Talktalk contact the BT phone, BTman jumps into the BTmobile and rushes to the local exchange to solve the problem? No, of course not! Because BTman wants Talktalk to look like the Joker so they delay and delay until the customer says “I am sick of waiting for Talktalk to sort this problem out, I am going back to BT”!!!! BTman is really the Joker in disguise! They control the network so nothing gets done until they say it gets done, and Talktalk are the ones who look bad because of that. Nobody likes to lose a customer, so the old company makes it as difficult as possible for the new company to take over.

  12. curved slightly

    HEY THERE CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!1, that’s what i like to see….an honest and “factual” post.
    yes bt do make talktalk look like goons so that people get so pissed off that they go back to bt! FACT
    at last……………clarity.

    that’s not the only thing they do, bt disconnections, unlawful taking of people’s lines without permission……”welcome to bt, unfortunatley, even though we’ve ****cked your line up, we cant deal with your query cos you’re with talktalk”

    hhhhmmmmmm, any comments chris? matt?

  13. F.A.O. Darren, S, Andre, Bubble & Squeak, Goofy and all you other cartoons posting messages on this site:

    You think you’re funny?

    Why dont you reveal your identities?

    Scared to see how fast you get shafted?

    Some of you ought to get a proper job, instead of staying at home on benefits, assuming the ‘imaginary role of an Ex-BT Engineer or Troubleshooter’, Get a life you jokers. Your figures, your comments about procedures and also your profound statements about TalkTalk make no sense at all. And ‘S’, you and others like you who take the role of an ‘insider’ bringing a Great firm like TalkTalk into disrepute, You should be shot or whooped like a chapatti in a curryhouse.
    Your disin the company on one end, and I bet youre also enjoying the perks of working for them, I bet you put in shitloads of overtime and you’re happy with the wage your getting paid cos theres simply nothing else to pay your bills. I know people like you, people that haven’t got anything better to do, stay up late cos you’re lady won’t give it to ya, and write an entry into the site because it makes you feel youre making a difference. Too right you’re making a difference, a difference to you’re bloody conscience, How do you sleep at night??

  14. curved slightly and cris are layin it down as it is.

    Whats this other Bullshit about the number of Mohammeds in TalkTalk’s contact centres?
    Not one, Not two, Not three but four racist slurs on this site.

    Your quick to dis the asians aren’t you?

    Yet you’re flocking to free broadband quicker than a tribe of paki’s linning up for free butter.

  15. you guys make me laugh!

    What has getting the phone answered by a ‘Mohammed’ got anything to do with how bad TalkTalk is?

    We’re all here: Muslims, Hindu’s, Sikhs, Buddists, Christians, Atheists, all taking part in the one thing that we believe – that TalkTalk is great and using that to move forward and provide the best customer service, sure, many of us will have accents, many of us will speak differently because we are all different but one thing is for sure, we are unified to present the same level of service to our customers.

    If you want to speak to an eddie or Hank or elton for that matter then ring the NTL contact centre and speak to the gypsies than man the phone there in Wales.

  16. hell yeah!!

    i myself love free butter, but only when i’ve nicked it from a diner.
    i have though, never seen a line of “paki’s” near said butter.

    must be good butter

    he’s right though, we are quick to dis something that we all ran out to get in the millions….i know his brother actually, mohammed number 798!

  17. Shivprasad - India Call Centre

    I agree, we all try our best.

  18. curved slightly

    i reiterate!

    where are you all gone, we offered help….here are your representatives of the company waiting to reply to your comments and defend ourselves and what do you do…………….you all run away?

    we’re here to help guys!
    cmoe on, what are you scared of?

  19. I’ve heard it all before:


    ‘ive spent 2 hours on the phone to your 2nd line tech team, Ive done this and done that. Ive done everything and they can’t help me and I need my connection up and running pronto!!!’


    ‘What have you done?’


    ‘errr, iv restarted the pc and then tried to connect but nothing seems to work’

    Advisor: ‘What else have you done?’


    ‘errrr, i’ve tried everything, errr . . . . ?’


    ‘ok, what error message do you get when you try to connect?’


    ‘Error: 01 – the computer was not recognised by the TalkTalk Server?’

    and we’re thinking: WTF? – no such error message exists!!!

    The solution to this one was realised at the end, when the customer noticed her cat chewing on the wire behind the sofa.

    How embarrasing, when you’ve just complained about the hold time and the call to customer care costing alot when infact the solution was under her nose!!!!!

    Most customers just want an instant solution without going through the troubleshooting. Some of them actually shoot themselves in the foot when opening their mouths and then expect us to just magic a solution for them. When you go to a doctor, then you obviously tell him where the pain is dont you? and he’ll only examine the particular are and ‘troubleshoot’ using the neccessary procedures for that particular area before diagnosing the fault. He can’t just magic a solution. Its the same with TalkTalk advisors, you have to be as patient as they are being with you and see that they are trying their best to cure your pc.

  20. curved slightly

    i have a cold

  21. we have customers who cannot tell the different between a cordless phone and a mobile, we do have to sift through a lot of crap before we can find a solution. It is these type of customers that are holding up the lines for real problems and queries

  22. we have customers who expect a wireless connection to reach as far as their holiday home in California (USA), relying on a Belkin Router at home in Bexley-Heath and when we say we can’t provide that, they grunt and sigh and say ‘thats not good then, BT say they can manage it well, so can NTL’, well go there then if you think they know so much!! God, everyone’s living in a sci-fi James Bond fantasy with gadgets galore.

  23. I’ve had one cust, (working for BT, Manchester Contact Centre) that tried his best to push an ethernet connection in to the back of his telly cos some dope from our cust services for the new Total Broadband service gave him the wrong info. – Mistakes happen everywhere, but cust’s shouldnt find the need to capitalise on every single one.

  24. You kicked my dog

  25. Rather than winge like a ‘forum of teethless grannies at a fishmarket’, do something useful, you want TalkTalk to improve its customer treatment, well, TALKTALK ARE RECRUITING, why not apply for the role yourself, come on put your balls where your mouth is!. NB: there are tests to complete and criteria to meet, No ex-employees of BT or NTL please.

    You didn’t think entry was going to be that easy did you?

  26. i live down your street and you kicked my dog.

  27. signing off, cu guys on monday morning. we’ll carry on then….im going to run some white people over now.


  28. carefull on here… or shrek will smash ya up 🙂

  29. oooooo second line dude eh?

  30. curved slightly

    guess who’s back- back again- ….etc

  31. curved slightly

    sorry guys, just a bit of fun….good luck to u all

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