Carphone Warehouse is now paying customer bills

I’ve had a few of these through now. Over charged, then Talk Talk says the bill has been paid? Very odd, I wonder when they’ll hand it over to a hungry collection agency.

At the end of the day, whenever we sign up to a company for its products and services there is an understanding that in due course we will receive such products and services. There is no doubt whatsoever that TalkTalk has failed to deliver both, and sooner or later they WILL go under. My phone bill last month was £46 which is really funny because I thought £20 a month included all your calls (exc mobiles etc of course). The month before that it was £48. Oh, I haven’t paid it because apparently CPW didn’t set up the direct debit, yet on my CPW statements it says ‘Payment received, thankyou’. I’m just waiting to be disconnected now, but thanks CPW for paying my bills!

Thanks indeed Carphone Warehouse. Let’s see what happens now shall we?

Talk to Sam

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3 responses to “Carphone Warehouse is now paying customer bills

  1. We have been trying to get answers from Talk Talk/ OneTel since Talk Talk acquired OneTel. OneTel has been dishonest since it started up in business. As soon as Talk Talk took over, without warning us it reduced the free call period from 1800/0800 to 1800/0700 hours and the following month to 1800/0600 hours. We have been trying to give OneTel all our busines and to break free from BT/AOL (UK). It ignores out letters of complaint and continues to defraud us.

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  3. TalkTalk’s peak and off peak times changed at the same time as Bt’s peak and off peak times changed. Anything Bt do TalkTalk will respond and follow them

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