Can anyone help Loredana?

I signed up in early April as well, except for the separate package. I don’t make enough international calls to justify the bundle. The odd thing is, my order was fulfilled very quickly. Everything turned up on time and we had a free sign up (that was actually free.) But I keep getting mails like this where people have been waiting almost 5 months for their fulfillment. Why?

I signed up with TalkTalk in April 06. Since then I have been chasing, calling, e-mailing for an answer to why I still haven’t received my welcome pack and modem. To this day I have been ignored, promised dates that came and went and I’m still paying for broadband that I should get FREE from them. For what I read in the press this is happening to loads of people, this is now a well advertised scam!!!! FREE BROADBAND??? YE RIGHT!!
They are in breach of contract and getting away with it! I wrote to Watchdog and really hope they will follow this case. I want to get out of my contract but don’t know how, can you help???

If anyone can help Loredana, we’d appreciate it.

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4 responses to “Can anyone help Loredana?

  1. talktalk is great

    We use a seperate system to send out modems, that system probably has a wrong address, call in and ask them to change it on the PIE system. Check your go live date too, u dont recieve ur modem until 7 days before

  2. As the other poster has stated, we have about 20 different systems and if you aint on one, that is why you aint been activated.

    Call in and ask the advisor to check you are on HADES and PIE proper….

    Best time to call is at 8am sharp, call queue should only be 20 or 30 mins at that time, otherwise you’re lookin at an hour wait still…

    0870 444 1820.

  3. curved slightly

    i’ve got an idea

  4. moan..... wont get you anywhere


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