Beggar’s belief for Elly

I’m tempted to just start writing posts that contain one of a few elements, posting them under different names and then let you guys rest from typing a bit.

When we signed up to Talk Talk we signed for the 3 months of free virus protection which only 1 week later was removed without notice, causing a virus – surprise! – and us all sorts of bother. When the technical support team eventually rang up they were of no use and could not explain why this had happened. We have never received a reason even though we have emailed them several times. We cannot get into our email accounts anymore and the My Account option does not give us any recent information! My internet connection cuts out regularly even while I am actively using the internet. And another thing…. why is the Talk Talk home page so bleedin’ slow! Does anyone else find this whole thing frustrating? I cannot believe I am stuck with these people for 18 months.

Elly and others, here are some free AV and anti-spyware products:

Anti-virus for home use

Avast! anti-virus. I’ve had fewer problems with this and XP than AVG.

AVG anti-virus. If you’re not technical I would locate someone to help you with this. Just about every time I’ve installed and configured it on Windows XP I’ve had a blue screen. I solved the problem by removing it from my start menu. The version I used did have still had services running in the background, so it still caught things trying to slip through.

Spyware blockers, detectors and cleaners

Windows Defender (formerly Microsoft Antispyware under Beta 1.)

Ad-Aware SE Personal

Freebyte’s big list of anti-spyware products


Using Windows Firewall

Zone Alarm (Again, I would have someone technical install this. I’ve had a lot of blue screen issues.)

Just a side note guys, if you install these programs and they do naughty things to your system, many apologies but I can’t take responsibility. Too many variables! What I would recommend is doing the following:

1. Download your choice of the above (I would go for Avast, two anti-spyware programs and Windows Firewall if you’re a beginner.) Note: Windows Firewall is just a ticky box.

2. Disconnect your system from the Internet

3. Remove Talk Talk’s trial software via Add/Remove programs

4. Install your combo. With the exception of the anti-spyware programs, you really only need one from each category. Installing two anti-virus products or two firewalls can cause a lot of problems.

5. Feel good that you’ve given CPW’s partnership with F-Secure the finger.

Thanks Elly!

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3 responses to “Beggar’s belief for Elly

  1. If you guys download any such software that takes your fancy, then tweak the bits defined for ADVANCED USERS ONLY’
    then you’re bound to experience the problems that have caused you to suffer. And it’s not anyone else’s fault that you decided to use Kazaa/e-Donkey/i-Mesh and downloaded 2Gb of Porn (with encrypted spyware/trojans and other such garbage) and then experienced problems with popups and god knows what, then thought back and decided that after getting the TalkTalk Installation CD, these problems appeared and then casually decided to lay the blame with TalkTalk.

  2. curved slightly

    hmmmmmmmmmm, sounds right to me, always blame the monkey…….will our kind ever learn?

  3. A possibility but I don’t have a whole lot of faith in F Secure’s products. Big footprint, little functionality. I set my father in law up with Avast!, MS Anti-spyware and Windows Firewall, he’s been happily surfing for the last 8 months with no trouble. Telewest also have a whole heap of trial stuff they like to throw at you.

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