Andrew thinks we should just bite it and give money to the Lebanese

This, my friends, is a classic fallacy. Andrew seems to think that being irritated our service is screwy precludes an interest in current events. Sadly this isn’t from the alleged prolific Carphone Warehouse call centre posters, it’s from somewhere else.

You left a perfectly good company just to get a cheaper service and moan because it doesnt go your way for the first few months. There are going to be teething problems especially when 4 times as many customers have signed up to the free Broadband offer than was expected. Ok so things haven’t gone your way but surely there must be more important things in life than whether your broadband works or not!! If this is the main upset in your life at the moment you are very lucky!! Think of all the people around the world who can’t even afford food let alone Broadband!! What about the people in Lebanon? I think their problems are extremely worse than yours don’t you? At the end of the day you should all be thankfull that you have enough money to afford a computer and enough spare time on your hands to be moaning about things that aren’t really that much of a disaster considering the world in which we all live in!!

Here are some links for aid to Lebanon:
1. Islamic Aid
2. Red Cross
3. Unicef

One really doesn’t have anything to do with the other though, does it? Talk Talk still, in my opinion, sucks.

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