And then in rebuttal, Maxine

Maxine has done everything she was supposed to do. Yet, she’s still being billed after cancelling, the modem was despatched the day she cancelled and somehow customer service advisors aren’t allowed to cut off the service. I suspect Carphone Warehouse is making a nice buck from such a confusing system.

Similar story to everybody elses…Signed up beginning of April, phon line went over on 8th June. Fine. No problem. End of June we were due to go ‘live’. BT gave us the MAC with no trouble at all. I gave the MAC to TT…in the beginning of July no welcome pack. So, thus begins my sorry tale of woe and two weeks of phoning. I calculate I spent 20 hrs on hold, was told that the WP had been ordered (4 x), our broadband was already ‘active’…Tried to cancel, told numerous times that the customer service assistant did not have the ‘authority’ to cancel, told I would be transferred to the relevant department, then cut off. Acting upon Consumer Direct’s advice I sent a letter by recorded delivery informing them I wish to cancel. Sent it on 29th July. $ days later….HEY HEY ..a modem arrives, date its een despatched is…guess? 29th July! Regardless, still wanted to go ahead with the cancellation, told by BT to get the MAC code now they wont give me the MAC code without paying the £70. Sadly, we are now connected and it appears the only way we can be disconnected is to not pay the bills and sit it out. Strangely enough, our invoices come with ‘payment received’ on them…yet according to the bnk there WAS no direct debit set up. I feel like I am in a virtual nightmare, and all I want to do is go back to BT. CPW should be jailed for defrauding the public, its absolutely disgraceful.

So, CPW employees, how can you criticize us for trying to find other ways of fixing our issues? We do what we’re supposed to and somehow the ball gets dropped on your end.

Thanks Maxine!

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One response to “And then in rebuttal, Maxine

  1. I have had a response from Watchdog who want me to speak on the show about TalkTalk and Carphone Warehouse. Needless to say, I will do so! An investigation is under way as they have had hundreds and hundreds of complaints. Finally!

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