A nice reminder

The troubles documented here and elsewhere are due to infrastructure issues. From what I can tell from other forums, they started a long time ago. I signed up for a monthly DSL package before the free broadband deal came out and then noticed that other customers were happy enough with the service except for the P2P throttling and problems cancelling. I’m sure that decisions have been made behind the scenes that are manifesting in the issues here and it’s not always the customer service advisor’s fault. Sometimes though, the poor service is from the employees and you can’t discount that.

I am sympathetic to working in that kind of constantly angry customer environment. I did it myself for an internationally reviled OEM. We had 16 minute call times, silly procedures we had to go through for RMAs and a system built off the back of fossils. I can also sympathize with angry customers. Once, during an earthquake, we were being evacuated and I was on a call. When I told the customer, he told me to just fix his NIC. I thanked him for calling and rushed outside.

what i dont understand is why youd sit in a que to get through to someone then speak over them so they dont have the chance to help.

No one at TalkTalk is doubting that the ques are big and that there are problems,but no one can help if you phone up just to abuse the advisor when theyre doing everything they can to help.

Take a step back and think how youd feel if you got the brunt of that abuse,do you honestly think it will help anything?

HLC get the brunt of these issues but ARE not a general customer services department,call through to customer services and speak to someone there,yes theres a que but you wont be taking time away from real HLC problems.

Advisors are customers aswell and know its hard and that its frustrating but please remember that they will not be able to help anymore if you shout or mention court action. Advisors cannot raise disc fee or connection fee credits please be aware of this.

New call centres are being open over the UK and this will help the que times.

Word of wisdom if your moving home go through to customer services as retentions do not take the call as you cannot save a customer who is moving house.

Instead of posting on here,try sorting it out with TalkTalk(yes i know there are ques) but if you invested half as much time trying to sort it out with them as you did on here im sure youd get it fixed.

Dont go nuts with what ive said,just there are two sides to every story.

Hope it gets fixed for you all.

The trouble with your advice, Tink, is many of the posters here have been through the full gambit. The numbers put up are a desperate attempt to get them through to someone who can help them. It’s difficult to sort something out with Talk Talk when you’re disconnected constantly, or left in the hold queue for ages. Then, when you do get through to someone, they make promises that are never fulfilled. See the ‘legal snafus’ and ‘billing issues’ tags for more detail.

Talk to Tink

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6 responses to “A nice reminder

  1. curved slightly

    cpw employees?

    i know many of them personally and they’re all a god bunch but what i really wanna know is……..are you gonna go my way-are you gonna go my way-are you gonna go my way——darlin i got to know………….ban….bam…bam….etc

  2. curved slightly

    is anyone out there today, if u wanna debate then i’m your man………….nowt like a mass-debate to get the day going….i’m here to answer your talktalk questions …hurrahh, the saviour has come…..oooeer

  3. all praise for ‘curved slightly’

  4. curved slightly

    bless u my child

  5. hail mary

  6. You came on a weekend curved, most of the folks who come here seem to do it during the working week. If it’s a debate you’re after, then best wait until tomorrow.

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