Victor gets a final notice because they screwed up.

Let me just start by answering one of the CPW employee’s questions regarding why people are here and not on the phone to them. Well, besides the insincere blustering of your CEO and that awful song playing over and over again on the hold music, there’s also the amount of time lost to the call queue and (Dunstone has confirmed this) being dropped whilst on hold. It took me 2 hours to get ahold of support the one and only time I needed them. 2 hours. That’s a damned lot of time. I could cook a roast, bake a cake, play the first level of Doom 3, shave my legs, have my ear re-pierced or anything more amusing than waiting on hold for someone to tell me they don’t know what’s going on and to make promises they can’t keep.

Victor backs me up:

I joined Talk Talk 18th May and gave them my bank details. They said bank had rejected the direct debit and cut off phone and Broadband. Phoned Bank -inevver rec’d mandate. Gave them credit card nos. wouldn’t accept credit cards, who said it was their system. Kept phoning for hours on premium no avail. 30 pages of bills ensued with penalties for non payment despite having direct debits. No one had even thought to check account nol. They had one digit wrong. On 31st July rec.d letter threatening me with debt collectorfs for overdue balance of £34.98 which they had already taken on that day by direct debit. I had an apology by email. Two and a half months of stress and worry. I hope things will now go smoothly with no more hassle or it will be WALK WALK.

Now, why am I running this blog instead of trusting that eventually, after my fingers have callouses from pressing the redial button, someone may possibly be able to help me but will probably make a mistake or send us to the cancellations abyss? I can’t possibly imagine.

Talk to Victor

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8 responses to “Victor gets a final notice because they screwed up.

  1. Stewart Kirkpatrick

    I was a customer of OneTel for four years. I always paid my bills by DD and in the main I had no problems. Then Carphone bought Onetel at the same time as I moved. Onetel told me that as I was keeping the same number they had an arrangement with BT and the ADSL woudl follow five days later. It did not. Eventual the lady in India told me twenty one days. I could not wait that long (having already been without a service for over a week) so I cancelled my contract and allowed one more DD payment to go through before cancelling the mandate.

    Turns out according to the Indian people I owe them £1.56 although they requested the full payment of £23.99 after which they would refund me. I have just paid their debt collection agency CCS £26.15 (no idea where they got that figure from but that is not important) at least CCS have a web site that works.

    The money is not the issue for me. What bothers me is the dishonest trading practices that are being employed i.e. stating in the standard worded letter entitled FINAL NOTICE “we have attempted to contact you by phone and letter on several occasions … ” when I asked when? I was told “we no longer phone people” and the letters “oh we definitely sent them”

    I will never use Car Phone Warehouse OR The Phone House (as they are known in France) OR OPAL Telecom (I am an IT Director) again. I have written to David Cowan Legal and Litigation manager at OneTel and if I ever get a response will post it here but somehow I doubt it!

  2. ahhh stewart// as a member of ILEX, and you as an interlectual person, then you should know that you should always read and understand terms and conditions of a company with uses a 3rd party supplier.

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  4. I can sympathise with Stewart, apparently i owe Talk Talk £2.60 and because i have no access to their web site,my username and password have been discontinued and i cannot access my bill. I have been asking for a paper bill for 4 weeks now and even emailed their billing department but no luck. I suppose i too will get a letter from their collections agency suggesting that they have been trying to contact me. I have not even recieved any response to 2 letters i sent back in July!
    Thank goodness i have switched back to my previous provider!!

  5. Join the club, I had with BT a second number on the line with a distinctive ring tone, this I use for incoming business calls. As a contracting engineer on call-out, the second number is the point contact for my customers. The TalkTalk sales promised that this was available and would be part of my service.
    On the day of the change over from BT my business calls suddenly stopped. A quick call to customerservices revealed that the second number service wasn’t available, apparently TalkTalk use old technology exchanges.
    Once I told them that the second number is my livelihood and that would be returning BT, they immediately placed me on 999 calls only. This was the point the customer service completely ended.
    It took BT a couple of weeks to get my service up and running normally, during this period I was losing money. (No criticism of BT, it’s 100% down to TalkTalk)
    It was a couple of days that they had provided the limited service, they actually charged me for complete month, insignificant really compared to the wages I lost. Despite cancelling the D/debit mandate, they took the full amount. No problem, I reversed the payment under the DD guarantee.
    I soon realised that my calls to customer services were never to be answered, so I complained via email. My opinion is that they may have a blacklist of customers with complaints, so try withholding your number when ringing them. (Assuming that’s available with talktalk.)
    My emails to customer service got issued a ref number and that is where it ended. I was given some standard answers that had been pulled from list of “paste reply’s” none of which had any relevance to the complaint. Their “Code of practice” is available to download from the talktalk site, it states that you can request a senior manager to revue your complaint. In practice you can request it but it doesn’t mean you will get it, two emails and still no senior manager.
    I am still receiving threatening letters from their debt recovery services; they have actually used two over the last few months. I think the first one has exhausted his set of standard letters. I am now getting letters from a second debt collector. The legal rhetoric in these letters would certainly put the wind up little old ladies. Shameful really, for just over £12 in calls!
    Today I sent an email was to the “Compliance Manger” his email address is in the Code of practice along with addresses for Ofcom and Otelo, so get writing. Keep in mind their threats to blacklist you with credit reference agencies, it ok to take a stand on principle over a few quid. It could cost you if you needed a loan, better to pay the bill with a statement that you only paying under duress. This is my intension should the “compliance manager” email fail, I will try the county court for redress.

  6. Even though a direct debit had never been set up by CPW the invoices I got from them had ‘Payment Received, Thankyou.’ On my August invoice all 3 payents showed they had been returned (the first one was in June) and that they were preparing to take out something like £200 from the bank account to pay for the failed direct dbits that THEY had failed to set up! My husband had asked the bank to ‘redflag’ CPW so they are unable to access anything. If their service was halfway reasonable I wouldn’t have minded paying them, but now they can go whistle. Am now back with BT after having a new phone line installed, that is the lengths I have had to resort to just to get rid of them. I never want anything to do with them – unless of course it’s on Watchdog or something.

  7. I was contacted by a member of talk talk telesales team they asked me if i wanted to sign up to them, i asked them to send me written info before signing up to any thing they said that would be fine they would send me a package filled with info and a form to send back that i could sign to agree to there contract i didnt send no form back and low and behold they sign me up with out me knowing the frist i knew of it was when i had a bill come through for 2 days they were trying to tell me i owed them nearly £70 as far as iam concerned talk talk can f**k them selfs if they think there getting any money out of me.
    Why is nothing being done about this?
    Big company with all that money there still try and rip us off..

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