Promises are made to be broken.

Maureen, from the bottom of my heart, I urge you to get out while you can. Go somewhere else with the other 80,000 people that Christopher mentioned. Be free!

I am trying to obtain the special deal of free broadband for life but with great difficulty having provided them with my mac no and promised connection they are now saying its the wrong number. a operator called Charlotte promised to e mail back to enable me to give another correct number surprise no e mail received. another operator named Mathew gave me his e mail address and what do you know the e mail keeps coming back. This is after trying various help? lines including complaints dept twice cut off all times when they couldnt answer problems they are taking monies out of my bank for a service I am not receiving even the telephone package is not what they promised. so beware anyone thinking of this deal any ideas how to get out of the deal or make them give me what they promised U.K. person.

Soothe Maureen’s frazzled nerves here.


One response to “Promises are made to be broken.

  1. I am having the same experience as Maureen.Today i got in touch with Consummer rights ,they advised me to write and ask one more time ,If nothing happens .they will get the trading Standards involved.
    I don t want to be associated with Talk talk at all now , the way they work is appalling. my question is ,,,how are they getting away with it . …… mrs buttercup .

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