Ofcom bullying ISPs into letting us go

Oh hooray! Yay for Ofcom. Could this be a salve for some of Talk Talk’s wounded service beast?

The telecoms and media regulator has identified the broadband-switching process as a potential barrier to competition. It has been considering ways to make the process easier for the 5 million UK consumers looking to switch supplier. The regulator said switching suppliers had proved effective in most cases, but the problems some consumers encountered had been “serious and disruptive”.

You’re damn right it’s been disruptive. MAC troubles anyone?
Independent: Ofcom to crack down on delays in broadband switching.

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4 responses to “Ofcom bullying ISPs into letting us go

  1. Seems that things have been going a tad pear shaped, an outage the other day knocked our systems to hell and back – ie no phones working and lots related problems – apologies to all affected, thought I had best apologise after all Charle D wont be any time soon…

    Will do a post soon with some new telephone numbers for customers, yes they all changing – no we dont get told either!

  2. Thanks for letting us know Fido :).

  3. if aol uk belongs to talk talk why sould we be paying for aol when you can get talk talk boardband for free i would like no

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