Mrs B is Mrs Seething

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Let me share your outrage Mrs. B. 5 MONTHS? A promise date of 5 MONTHS from when you ordered it? What the hell? Sadly, CPW employees are correct when they say that this is not a violation of the Ts and Cs. They can pretty much do whatever they like to you, except kill your window garden. (And even then it’s probably up for debate.) I’m guessing you’re paying for the 5 months you have no service?

Why is it you research these ‘deals’ the media give it the thumbs up and you make the informed decision to switch from BT to Talk Talk yet the company cannot deliver the service as promised.

I have read most of the blogs here and exactly the same has occurred with the Talk Talk requesting a MAC Code, unaware the order was dropped into the mysterious black hole of Talk Talk ‘customer’ system. This problem is ongoing from May 2006 and needless to say we are left without Broadband and a promise date of October 2006! What a waste of my time.

She raises a good point. I have yet to see anything about how unhappy people actually are with Talk Talk. Yet, a quickie search around pulls up loads of good information (especially us, of course.) What’s going on?

Talk to Mrs. B

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3 responses to “Mrs B is Mrs Seething

  1. Brilliant, hurrah for photoshop oh and many a true word said in jest.


  3. You guys really aren’t that sharp are you? She sent this from an IP that doesn’t belong to Talk Talk. In fact, if you actually read then you’ll see she’s been trying to get her MAC over to you guys for a while.

    It’s no wonder cancellations go missing, people get crap for tech support and customer service is flakey at best. You spend all your time on the Internet harassing frustrated customers.

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