Mesley is hopping mad


Sadly Mesley’s experience shows that you can be all Lifehacker obsessed and note everything but still be drawn and quartered by the rack of Talk Talk.

Rock goes up the hill, rock comes down the hill….

I understand my broadband ‘Go Live’ will be sometime in August, so, with this is mind, I called customer service to find out what date it will be activated. I placed my first call on Sunday 6th August 2006 at approximately 13:00. The customer service agent advised me my go live date is 12th August 2006. He then advised me there is a problem on my account so, until the problem is resolved, I will not be able to receive broadband. He explained the problem was to do with my account showing as inactive. He then went on to assure me the problem would be resolved by Tuesday 8th June 2006.

Therefore, I called back on Tuesday 8th June at approximately 19:30 and was advised to speak to the faults department. I was put through to the operator at extension 3395 who advised me the problem had still not been resolved. He then assured me the problem would be resolved in another 24 hours.

Again, I called back on Wednesday 9th June at approximately 20:00 and was advised the problem had still not been resolved. I spoke to Kira in the Options team. She advised me the problem was nearly resolved – she actually gave me her word it would be.

I have called again this morning (11th August 2006) at 08:00. I spoke to Paul at the faults department on extension 3395. He said the problem has not been resolved.

I am getting extremely frustrated with the service I am receiving from Talk Talk. Whenever I speak to customer services, faults or the options team, I am fobbed off with the same ‘it will be fixed in 24/48 hours’ advice. This is clearly not being investigated properly. WHAT A SHAMBLES!!

I’d say it’s pretty fair to be frustrated at that point. There does seem to be a consensus on the Carphone Warehouse side of it though and that’s that the people you’re speaking to aren’t the ones that need to fix it. Apparently all they can do is just toss the ticket at another department and be done with it.

Advice for Mesley?

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10 responses to “Mesley is hopping mad

  1. If you would prefer to pay £20 to another Broadband Provider and extra for your calls then please do so… don’t shout at brilliant customer service agents like myself. REMEMBER: You get what you pay for! If you have any problems with what I have said please contact me at

  2. Except it’s probably a fake name and you’re really not all that brilliant. Your last few posts have been remarkably uninformed. At least you’re being honest about your employment status though.

  3. Well this is my first post because its going around the office that there is a website dedicated to sad f*cks complaining about their telephone service which is very reasonably priced. Try emailing me and ill get back to you within the next 28 days hahah

  4. talktalk is great

    I think talktalk is great, ive had no problems with it whatsoever… free broadband, free local, national and international calls, 10% off mobile calls, nectar points… for for £21 a month! WOWSER!!!!!

  5. I figured that’s what it was. You’ll be happy to know that BT employees did the same thing a few weeks ago, except to laugh at how dreadful your service is. What I like about your posts is not a single one of the ones coming from self proclaimed Talk Talk employees have them as an ISP.

    Surely though, if you guys are so busy, you should be on the phones?

  6. Sorry ‘talk talk is great’ not a single person here is going to believe you. 21.99 is not a reasonable price if the service is unreliable or simply not there. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

  7. talktalk is great

    try tellin that to the 119 people in the queue, im sure they will disagree with you


  9. Those 119 people are probably calling to scream at you. Did you not see the post where one of our readers spoke to your investment relations department and was told that out of the 300 odd thousand that had supposedly signed up, 110,000 had cancelled? The only reason there weren’t more was because your system crashed (apparently.)

    I do know that when I did ADSL support, 119 people in the call queue was a bad thing. That meant something had gone horribly wrong.

  10. talktalk is great

    yeh well if ya wanna cancel you owe us 70 quid, read ya contract before you sign it

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