Fido returns home again and reminds us Pakistan is off the list.

Fido comes back with even more tips!

Couple of things that TT customers should watch out for:

High risk International Bar 4.2: “your Call Service will not include the ability to make calls to the following countries: Nigeria, Columbia, Russian Federation, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sao Taome, or Kuwait; unless we permit such access (at our own discretion).

Lots of asian customers and want to speak to family in Pakistan etc, get TT and lo an behold have to call us to get the bar lifted. Much annoyance on their part.

Oh the “options”/cancellations department had an outage – seems that the old number is dead for the moment, best call customer services and we have an alternative number – no news on if this is a temporary situation, after all I just work in the place so I am the last to be told!

Much annoyance over the modems, seems that people are being sent to speak to broadband when their is no need, we have a request form on our system and can ping over a request – not sure if it will ever be actioned when it gets there, but that is another story! Same go’s for the MAC codes, we can sent them across as well, again no way I can be sure that someone at the other end will do their job and action it.

Oh and Charlie D likes to hawk his own modems at 29.99 – you dont need it, broadband should work with most recent modems made in the last year or so. Mind you getting Talk Talk broadband working even with one of Mr D’s modems is a nightmare!

Also heard there are a lot of problems for MAC owners, seems out broadband peeps get a tad confused by Apple computer systems.

Final bit, watch out for pushy sales types hawking the broadband. If you have an old pc best check the stats. Pre Win 98 and its a no no. Trust me there are still lots of pc’s out there with Win 98 on them! Yes I have heard the complaint calls.

The bit about Windows 98 isn’t just isolated to Talk Talk. My father in law was sold Telewest even though he didn’t have a NIC or a USB port. (If you’re cruising in here looking for an ISP, click on NIC and USB port, those will take you to Wikipedia entries that have photos of what they both are. You need at least one of these things to have broadband.)

I have to reiterate the list of companies blocked as well. How many other providers do this? Anyone know?

Thanks Fido

(Remember, Fido has a blog too)

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3 responses to “Fido returns home again and reminds us Pakistan is off the list.


    your all a gang of losers. if you dont like something dont use it. how simple are you all. your not being forsed to buy something, pointing out the parts of the contract you dont like after signing up are your own stupid fault. are you all thick! read it BEFORE you sign up, if you disagree you can simply not sign up.



    i wish a had no job and was a bum who had all day to sit at home complaining that my FREE braodband connection is not working… it obviously is because im on this site reading a description of my lasy arse self.

  3. You know, for being so busy you Carphone Warehouse people seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Aren’t you supposed to be working?

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