Adrienne trying to escape

What happens when Carphone Warehouse manage to get you in their evil little clutches? They grip you with the same ferocity as a spoiled child with a lolly. Adrienne, good on you for fleeing, just make sure they don’t attach their sucker mouths to your bank account. Good luck!

I tried to upgrade from the talktalk calls only package to broadband, line rental etc. Result: they disconnected me from their computer, can only make calls via code 1280 to route thro BT. BT (impressive) are going to change the routing but will take two weeks. I work from home and use another dial-in code that won’t work by this method so talktalk have left me unable to work for two weeks. No-one said sorry, no-one cared – and they think I am still going to take their package??

Talk to Adrienne.

On a side note, we’re up to over 20,000 page views now. Awesome. You guys make me feel all popular. Thanks 😀


One response to “Adrienne trying to escape

  1. This might cheer you up! I got a letter from talktalk in September saying they were all set to take over my broadband (over my dead body!) but there was a problem with my phone line – not suitable for ADSL. Funny I have had broadband for 18 months. Telling me to get it fixed. Ignored that one and checked that talktalk had not contacted BT or UKonline (they had not).
    Since then I have moved home.
    On 21 November out of the blue I received a ‘Broadband starter pack’ from Talktalk, containing a modem I think. That is going back, return to sender!!

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