Warwick wins with web addresses

Image hosted at Flickr

I love it when you guys unearth Talk Talk secrets or little ways to fix things without calling tech support. I’m now sorely tempted to try my own mail just to see what happens. I’m guessing that one of you cheeky little monkeys has already taken Talk Talk Hell?

Have had talktalk email for about 2 months. Similar problems, when the network gets busy the mail servers won’t authemticate so it craps you out and says your entering the wrong account number or password. There are 5 different webserver addresses so try different ones in your shortcut i.e. http:\\webmail@talktalk.net or webmail1@talktalk.net or webmail2@talktalk.net etc up to webmail5

That has worked previously , although in the last 24 hours I havent been able to access talktalk mail at all. The broad band service can be intermittent, depends on school holidays and peak times but it does vary from a minimum of 400k up to 1.7mb, so its abit flaky really. They say that the major national upgrades will be complete by November 2006 , but it feels a long way off….

Try it and let me know how it goes. Thanks Warwick


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