Like a bat out of hell….

Image hosted at FlickrI decided the place could use a bit more colour. So lo’ we have some generated graphics. Make your own Talk Talk sucks (the ISP not the band) cassette here (and post them, naturally.)

Our favorite rockin’ Darren has some more tips.

CPW are unable to do house moves, they refer to back to BT to carry out the leg work, however, what they dont tell you is that the minimum term for line-rental with BT is 3 months, and they also dont point out that 1 – when you move house the 18month minimum term with CPW starts again, and 2 – the minimum 18month term is a rolling term, which meens if at any time during the 18month period you go into arrears or the service gets suspended, then the 18month period starts all over again (on re-commencement of service). Homer, good idea about the BEEB.. However, I still think that all these letters on this site should be sent to the Government, because obviously Ofcom are failing in the publics best interrest. CPW are truely a mickey mouse company (no offence Disney, RIP)

The difference is CPW has never had a Pixar. 😦

Talk to Darren!


One response to “Like a bat out of hell….

  1. Sigh…..wrong again darren.

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