Insane Homer saner than some practises

Insane Homer writes to us again to tell us about Carphone Warehouse sending someone to collections for a measly 5 pounds. They’re not quite as bad as Wigan council chasing up 1p but it’s pretty close.

A friend tells me this weekend that TT were supposed to migrate his line when he moved house, they didn’t/couldn’t/screwed it up and it defaulted to BT (lucky bugger). However, there was still £5 owing on the account which he was never told about. He now has debt collectors sending him letters (the 1st he knew about the debt) and it’s going to affect his credit rating! Pathentic!!!

Absolutely awful. The more I read things like this, the more disgruntled I get about the inner workings of Carphone Warehouse. Surely there are procedures for things like this? Thanks Insane Homer.


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