Customers receiving massive lists of Talk Talk e-mail addresses

Hi guys,

A few of you have mentioned receiving lists of Talk Talk employees addresses. Who else? I’ll collate once we know a little more. As Darren and Bart have pointed out, their Ts and Cs do suggest they may sell information to other CPW companies (and special partners, naturally.) But, from what I can gather, it’s just a list of addresses?

Anyone have any information or detail?


4 responses to “Customers receiving massive lists of Talk Talk e-mail addresses

  1. It wasn’t actually TalkTalk employee email addresses, it was customer email addresses. Any where betwen 500 and 1000. It was apparently a glitch in an automated process. Rather than send the the text of a letter they sent the address list itself.

    The email explanation from TalkTalk is as follows:

    As you will already know, we have been working really hard to keep up with the demand for our Free Broadband promotion meaning that some of our customers have suffered from a level of service that has not been up to our usual high standards. Last week we identified a group of customers who had contacted us by email and, as part of the process of getting our service to you back on track, decided to email all of those affected to make absolutely sure that we had sorted things out for you.

    However, our initial attempts to do this succeeded only in sending you all a list of the email addresses for the customers we had tried to contact rather than the message we had intended to get to you.

    Of course, we are still keen to make sure that things are resolved, so if there is anything else that you need from us do please let us know by calling us on 0208 6175999 or emailing us on

    We really do appreciate your patience and my apologies once again for any confusion caused.

    Sue Cook

    Talk Talk

  2. Oh my. Thanks for that! Could you send me the original e-mail?

  3. dont talk talk customers email address’s contain their telephone numbers ? is this a breach of data protection ?

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