Hi guys

Just a quick update from me, I have been on holiday! I’ve had some family visiting, we’ve been to Dublin, Edinburgh, Inverness and London since Friday. I’m back at home now and should be resuming normal service on Thursday. I’ll post some photos for you as proof.

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  1. I am still trying to sort out my bills with Talk talk ….but on one bit of correspondence received yesterday it told me that “Talk Talk win uSwitch Customer Satisfaction Award – Again”….uSwitch must be stark raving mad. The customer service provided by Talk Talk is totally awful.

  2. Richard, this explains it all: “The majority of uSwitch’s revenue is derived from commissions paid by participating service providers.” http://www.catalyst-commercial.co.uk/Uswitch_sold_for_210_million.htm

    They don´t necessary go for the BEST service.

  3. oh and I almost forgot, welcome back Tiffany, I missed your loevely moderation (presentation). Edinburgh apparently is lovely so looking forward to some pictures. I will be there in a few weeks time 🙂

  4. My Mum has had no fixed line phone connection at all for the past 6 days thanks to the local loop unbundling TalkTalk is doing in her area (KT12). She was a OneTel customer and when Talk Talk took over, her phone and internet connection were working OK. Recently she got a letter informing her of the upgrade, but it only suggested a very short downtime of approximately 30 minutes.

    Via mobile phone we do find Talk Talk customer service answer quickly. Inititally they said that BT have a 48 hour period for solving the problem, but this has long since gone. Talk Talk is just blaming BT for the problem and seem to have no idea when it will be solved.

  5. Okay people, here is the answer, anyone on talk-talk will experience downtime, of an undetermined amount when the change over to LLU happens for the simple reason that they are using a technology which has not been properly trailed at the exchanges. Most companies use a product called DSLAM for the broadband at the exchange, however TALK TALK are using a newer product designed and developed by BT for the new network infrastructer. However, this product was not designed to have been rolled out nationwide before 2008. So, because the testing was incomplete, they will experience incompatabilities…..ahhhh

  6. Darren,

    where the hell did you get this nonsense from. The downtime is due to the jumpering work carried out by an engineer in the exchange. What’s all this rubbish about TalkTalk using equipment that was not supposed to be rolled out until 2008!!!

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  9. I am moving from tiscali to talk talk, About a 2 week before I signed to Talktalk, I got a letter from Tiscali, that “to improve my service” they where doing some work at the exchange and my phone and broadband my be off for up to 2 hrs. My phone was off for about 5 days (broadband came back on after 2 days, broadband but no phone – strange).
    When I needed to get a MAC code so that I could switch, Tiscali told me that could not give the MAC code because they updated me to a LLU. I said I never asked for that, they said ‘oh well’. Looks like I am going to have a bit of down time and move back to dial up – can’t wait

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