Sarina makes more progress?

Long suffering reader and Talk Talk customer Sarina finally has a promise. But will Talk Talk deliver? (No, but they do chicken and beef….)

update:- i spoke to a lady of yesteday (after holding for 45mins) of whom comfirmed that a credit had been raised, my account is now zero, also she had promissed that a reverse of my credit rated would be done and that i shoud receive a letter by post this week,……………i will wait to see the out come, if any !!………..wont hold my breathe

According to Fido a few days ago, the best they can do is cross their fingers and hope for the best. Good luck Sarina


3 responses to “Sarina makes more progress?

  1. Talk Talk – what a disaster….

    After registering in the first week of May,and getting my pack in the middle of July,I have now phoned 3 times trying to set up broadband, after waiting for about 20 mins each time to be connected. The first time the referred me to second line technical support, who phoned 4 days later on my mobile leaving a message to say they had left a message on my defunct landline and as i had not answered it i had to re register. This i did, and after waiting 35mins was put through to someone who re applied for second line tech support I never heard from them but she did refer me to the customer services dept which informed me they were closed and i was cut off! I then phoned again a week later, waited on hold for another 35 mins and since being told again i needed second line tech support, and this was inputedto their system,i have not heard back. that was over 4 days ago. In the meantime i have paid about £100 for a non existent service.

    This level of customer service beggars belief – it infuriates me to see they are still advertising when they cannot handle the current levels of demand.

    Can i just cancel my direct debit?

  2. Guys…Talk Talk only started the LLU roll-out service on July 1 this year, accross the country, and its not expected to be completed until next year, as they are going from exchange to exchange. The latest waiting figures quoted by talk talk for broadband is 10 weeks, however that itself seems unlikely in itself as the amount of work needing to be carried out.

    would not advise cancelling direct debits at this stage, however what i would advise is writing a letter with a CC on it to your family solicitor. Indicate in the letter that you are giving 30 days notice on refusal to pay , and that your bank will be instructed likewise. That way legally that have been given sufficient notice and are not allowed to call in balifs, it is legally then upto themselves to contact you to come to an alternative arrangement.

    Legally speaking, you do not have to pay for a service which you are not receiving. Under the distance selling regulations act (DSR), you have the right to cancel any product up until the point of service. But do write to them in regards to your intentions, and make sure the letter states is copied to someone else too. that way you are covered in any eventuality. PS. Emails are not legally binding.

  3. Hi Ed,
    I did get an answer in the end but I don´t know why. I sent an e-mail to customer services, one to charles dunstone and sent 2 letters recorded delivery and failed a claim in court against them.

    I must say I was surprised to get an answer: My story is I cancelled (I can prove) my landline service in April but was billed and billed. They took the money via direct debit. I then cancelled and since then they sent me threatening letters and gave me 4 days until the would sell my debt to a debt recovery company. Now at least this fear is gone but they are still failing to refund me the money they “robbed” via direct debit.

    My advice cancel the direct debit and send loads of letters and e-mails but recorded delivery.

    Good luck André

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