RCJ has yet to have service and is willing to pay 70… just to get out.

You know it’s a desperate situation when people are willing to dump 70 pounds just to be released.

I registered with TT on April 26th and am still waiting for connection. I have spoken to numerous members of TT CS and have yet to receive anything positive from any of them. I have provided two MAC codes, spoken to CS on 0870 444 1820 and been put on a succession of holds until such time that I have put the phone down.Finally I decided that I would tell them where to stick their BB. If necessary I would pay the £70 disconnection charge. On Friday August 4th I spoke to “Jack” who, surprise surprise said that he had confirmation that I would go live, today, Monday 7th August.. It didnt happen. Today I spoke to an Indian woman who referred me to her supervisor and then I was back on indefinite hold listening to that Goddamned awful recorded announcement. Fortunately my BB is still with Onetel and I do get a 2MB service. When my present MAC key has expired I dont intend to give TT a new one and at least I will have a reliable service.

How is it some of us were lucky and received service immediately? I can’t understand the vast difference in service quality. Good luck RCJ!


One response to “RCJ has yet to have service and is willing to pay 70… just to get out.

  1. erm..be carefull.. ONETEL IS OWNED BY CPW
    CPW bought out ONETEL in January of this year


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