Someone can’t spell losers.

It would be more insulting if you were moderately articulate.

Author : GET A LIFE (IP: ,

Note, if I receive spam or absolutely anything harassing or insulting on this site, I will post your IPs and anything else I can find out about you. If they qualify as threatening, I will contact your employer or ISP. Remember, anything you do on the Internet can be found. I don’t think Dunstone would appreciate his employees harassing the people who are making him rich.

17 responses to “Someone can’t spell losers.

  1. I own you so screw me

    moaning about spelling…get a girl

  2. Maturity abounds. how surprising that this IP comes from, i.e. from within the talktalk network.

  3. anyone can make up an IP address

  4. “Opal supplies and maintains the network infrastructure and services that support the TalkTalk” from

    Can’t spell and stupid you MUST work for TT.

  5. and have logs to prove it – LOL. you can’t just ‘make them up’ – your IP knowledge is up there with your spelling.

  6. excuse me what gives you the right to be so pompus, so what if you have the logs, its a free country

  7. errrrm, what about dynamic IPs??

    Smart Arse!

  8. it means all your comments are logged and traceable, you’re not the anonymous person you think you are.

    You can be tracked right to your desk, so basically these silly comments could result in you losing your job or getting you sued or both, I hope its worth it. So unless you have something to gain I’d suggest you stop.

  9. Suppose you know all this because you are a 34 year old Systems Administrator from London for NTL and your Star Sign is Leo?

  10. LOL dynamic address are still logged by your ISP and DHCP server keep extensive logs of all the leases, they know when it was allocated and de-allocated.

    ISPs are required to keep all the logs by law. Dynamic or not – the finger will point right at you.

    Dumbass! Your ignorance is amusing.

  11. has it cooled down in here yet ?

  12. OMG!!! you can read my linked blog – Congratuations! But I don’t work for NTL or any other ISP for that matter. Nice try, I’m running scared.

  13. Haha. I like you Darren.

  14. I also like slow, lazy walks in the park, holding hands and eating ice cream.

    I’m 6 ft tall, with green eyes. I’m left handed – I have 2 kids

    … and the real shame of my life – I’m a talktalk customer.

  15. im a puff, but atleast i aint a talk talk customer

  16. Hey Someone, some folks on the Internet may use DHCP but you guys aren’t. That some nice NAT you have on your call centre there.

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