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I’ve e-mailed broadband support regarding the frequent disconnects and received this back:

if when you try to reconnect and error message is displayed ‘0680’ or the ‘ADSL’ light on the modem flashes. The error message ‘680’ means there is no dial tone. The modem cannot detect the dial tone. First check that there is a dial tone on the phone line by getting the user to see can they make a voice call over the same line. See do they hear a dial tone. If they are dialling through a PABX system try putting a few commas after the 9 or 0 that they use to get an outside line. This often happens if the modem is not connected properly to the phone socket. Make sure that the user has put the phone line in the correct socket in the back of the modem.

If you are getting a message stating ‘cannot connect to network’ and have two solid green lights on your modem, please close any Talk Talk software, and connect using the Talk Talk Broadband icon on your desktop. Please enter your username/password and click connect, which should rectify this issue. However, if you have a flashing adsl light on your modem, please be advised of the following:

Talk Talk guarantee the broadband service to be working from the Master Socket within your house. The same applies to many other service providers, as the connection to your main socket is supplied by BT and hence the most reliable point of connection. After the main socket, any extension sockets can have different wiring, and as such we cannot guarantee the broadband connection to be working from these as they vary from house to house.

If the ADSL light is flashing this rules down to usually being a problem with the cabling or filtering devices. Please ensure that all telephony devices in the house have a filter on the end of them, regardless of whether they are being used or not (applies to Faxes, Wired Alarm Systems, SKY TV etc.., but not sockets with nothing plugged in at all)

Also please ensure you are not using an extension cable or a socket splitter. For testing purposes, please first try and unplug all phone devices in the house, plug in the Filter to the main socket and try the connection from there. With no other devices in the house this will narrow down the problem right away. If you are still getting a flashing light, please swap the filters and try again.

If the light becomes stable, you can reconnect your other telephone devices, with a filter at each socket and by doing this one at a time it will allow you to see if a particular device is causing an issue on your line.

Please note that if you are using an extension cable, this must be set up in the following way Socket –> Ext Cable –> Filter –> Modem or if you are using a socket splitting device, this must be setup Socket –> Filter –> Splitter / Modem

If you have any general queries, please call customer services on 0870 444 1820. For technical queries, please contact broadband technical support on 0871 226 7146 or email Calls to this number are charged at 10 pence per minute (call charges may vary from mobile phones and other telecom operators). Both of these numbers can become busy during peak periods and TalkTalk apologises for any inconvenience caused by the delays.

Very apologetic but not the question I asked. What I asked was, why do I keep being disconnected whilst actively browsing? (So I know it’s not just an idle thing.) I didn’t say anything about error 680. (I know what that is, for the record, I’ve done ISP support.) Note how nothing in that e-mail is applicable.

Way to go Talk Talk. At least it’s well written?

Should I reply?

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  1. THE reason you keep getting disconnected is because YOUR IP address is not unique, you will find that TALK TALK users can share the same IP address with another person, sometimes upto 5 people can have the same ip address. yes…figure that little gem of information out…. so, lets just hope that someone with the same IP as yours dont have anything illegaly dodgy on their computer, or you may find the boys in blue on your doorstep.

    If its free (which its not !!!), they will cut corners to reduce costs.

  2. Holy shit, I was theorizing about that the other day. I actually have a separate 1 MB broadband service and not the bundled package. Their international call plan isn’t that awesome. My Virgin mobile has better rates to the US!

    How did you find that out? Where?

  3. inside information am afraid. have a chat with a cable and wireless employee and also ask about contention ratio’s x

  4. Just for the record. The suggestion that more than one person has the same IP address is wrong. Contention ratio has to do with the amount of connections to the exchange per feed,( which can slow your speed down) but not share you IP number. Traceroute your IP number and you will only get one result, your connection. Try it

  5. multi-tracker…contention ratio and ips are 2 seperate matters as the ip address comes from the server and not from the DSLAM (dslam is broadband equipment placed in the exchange by the provider) . . If the server has a limited capacity then the server can share IP addresses, Cable And Wireless are reknowned on using old technology servers which do this. When IPs are shared then cut-outs are common place, ambigious email accounts, and email accounts giving server error messages.

    Example. I can have 4 pc’s linked in my house, hard or wireless, and all 4 will have the same IP address, as they are sharing “my host”

    ….NEXT ….

  6. i think you should reply to them, ask them also if they would like a lollipop and a balloon, then ask them to remove the condom from their head !!!!


  7. People be allocated shared IP by talktalk? – I find that hard to believe. Sharing an IP behind a firewall/Router is one thing – it’s called NAT. The ISP ‘sharing’ an IP amongst each user is unlikely and overly complex to implement. Each router (modem) has a unique mac (hardware) address assigned to 1 IP. A DHCP server cannot allocate an IP to 3 mac addresses. Only one of the mac would receive any routed traffic the other 3 would have no connectivity.

    As for connection drops, I got quiet a few last week. None this week – but I’ve not been online that much in the evening of late.

    As for their suggested fixes, not of those are the reason for the dropped connection and further I don’t use their crappy modem. I have a Zyxel 4 port router that is far superior. But each time theirs a problem the 1st thing they do is blame my hardware, knowing full well it’s their crappy network causing the issues.

  8. darren…explain then, how its possible for a person with 1 landline to have multiple telephone numbers.. for example, a person can have a bulldog telephone number, return to bt and have a new number, but at the same time, the phone will ring when someone calls the old bulldog number, as well as the new one ! ! ! ! it is possible and not uncommon. nor is it uncommon for the a mobile telephone number to be the same between 2 people.
    different argument, but same principles.

  9. “Example. I can have 4 pc’s linked in my house, hard or wireless, and all 4 will have the same IP address, as they are sharing “my host”

    To Clarify – each of those 4 machines do not have the same IP address. they share the same IP address to access the internet. It’s different. You internet network allows each machine to have it’s own class C address (192.168.x.x) and share a class A address (internet address). On each of your machines open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG (assuming they all use windows).

    You will see each machine has a Different IP address and the SAME default gateway (your Router).

    The Router uses NAT (network address translation) to determine which of your internal machines the traffic should be passed to from the 1 IP address you are allocated by your ISP (TT).

    no need to insult people when your knowledge of IP networking and NAT is that scratchy.

  10. darren,

    Telephone number switching and IP addresses routing are as unrelated – you cannot compare apples with oranges.

    Do some reading on networking and TCP/IP.

  11. the princples are the same homer

  12. Really? I don’t think so

    did you do my little IPCONFIG test?

    What networking knowledge do you have exactly?

    You base your argument on a flawed assumption that phones and IP traffic work on the same principle – they don’t.

  13. at the moment homor, im at work so i cannot use the test, and i dont doubt that anyhow. my argument is not flawed, simply extensive, which i shall clarify in specific detail when i get home tonight

  14. dj, this might help clear it up for you a bit.

    pretty good site overall.

  15. As for the disconnects/IP changes. I had at least 2 last night between 9pm and 10pm 😦

  16. Its ‘free’ you know – your not supposed to use it – the short lease period is telling you the Charles at the warehouse thinks your using too much broadband, get a proper isp.


  18. Mike, do yourself a big favour. Cancel the order and walk away while you still can. ‘free’ aint worth it, you get what you pay for. Once they hook you it becomes worse. your 1st bill with be £70 – has anyone told you that yet? and then it’s £70 to cancel.

  19. TalkTalk – never never, its a joke signed up for Talk Talk April told go live date would be 16th June, 16th June came and went, I got a Mac code has asked from Wanadoo, they disconnected me beginning of June, still no Internet access from Talk Talk. Have cancelled with Talk Talk gone back to BT, but Talk Talk will not give me a Mac code to enable me to go to another ISP. Tried ringing Ofcom they cannot help either suggest keep asking Talk Talk. Have been promised it 3 times but still not received it, they will not answer emails. Cost 10p pm to hang on forever. Talk Talk Joke Joke, wish I had never been suckered into their trap.

  20. Daren: Am thinking right that you probably have a private range in the house as well? A 192 or similar that kicks over with a NAT router? I didn’t think Talk Talk were doing the old AOL private—-NAT—–Private—-NAT—- singular public thing? It would make sense though.

  21. Multitracker: One of my theories was about them having a limited or faulty DHCP range where one IP address is assigned multiple times and then all users with said IP are booted when the routers are made aware. What I’m not sure of is what that little thing they send us actually is and whether the OS would report a duplicate IP if that’s what was happening.

    I know sweet FA about their back end so far though, so it’s all speculation.

  22. talktalkhell.. re my email i sent to you regarding adsl lines and the technology they use. it could case partial incompatability. it would be easier if u just add me to msn tiff then u can just zap me when u have questions n stuff

    dj . . . ps, as for pics of me being top naked, well, they are available and public domain ! lol

  23. my talk talk email keeps going down. One minute it recognises my password and I can access my talk talk emails, and the next, it totally blanks me saying it does not recognise my details. Anyone else experiencing this

  24. yes michael. my talktalk is just about the same. I can’t surf the net for more than 15 minutes without losing my connection. When I try to reconnect I get a ‘no dial tone’ or ‘unable to establish a connection’ message. I can’t get through to talktalk by phone as I queue for too long and when I go to their ‘contact’ page on their website in order to send an email there is no send button visible.

    I don’t know whether to invest in a better filter and modem than the ones which talktalk sent me. Unfortunately,I know nothing about networks, adsl etc so I can’t fix these problems on my own. I’ve checked my phone line and there is a dial tone, the (talktalk) filter is in place etc. etc All I can work out is that talktalk is utter shite and I wish I’d gone with BT or anyone else!

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  26. I am glad now i cancelled my Talk Talk Broadband given the problems you guys have encountered.

    Get a MAC code and walk away to another provider!!! I went back to BT and have got home hub which touchwood has been working fine!

  27. You guys all seem so knowing about these things and I suppose my knowlege will improve as Talktalk continue to take my money by direct debit and I continue trying to establish the service I was promised . As one who was relatively happy with dial up provided by one tel ( now taken over by talk talk)my problem now is to get my e mail to work even talktalk cant establish why my pasword will not allow acces to e mail via outlook express.It has done intermittently after a struggle and normally when I hit the close button in discust.
    My web access is instant no complaints there & never cut off.
    Can anyone of you experts tell me how to revert to onetel using broadband do I just reload the original disc or will that muck up the whole system & if I do that will I then have to re start paying seperately to onetel. All i want is to continue to communicate the way I have become acustomed

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  29. i got my letter on the 17 august 06 with my user name and pass word and i thought great free broadband, i have not been able to go on line since that day, it is costing me a fortune in phone calls to talktalk help line and still no joy, it is just one big con, i have been waiting 3 weeks for a mac code so i can go to another provider and phone call after phone call i am still waitng, i am having to use dial up from aol, they can’t give me broadband untill i get a mac code could anyone give me advice i would be most obliged

  30. My flatmate was st00pid enough to enter into a contract with Talk Talk. I’d rather find a new address than stay with talk talk. It’s like

    our home has been cursed. Why are people so easily fooled by that word FREE? It’s funny really. Nothing on Gods green earth is free! not

    even the floor/chair you are standing/sitting/laying on right now!

    I’ve had numerous issues myself and was delighted to stumble across this site. Having read through most of the posts (and thinking-yup-i’ve

    had that problem too-like an AA meeting) I feel so much better that I’m not the only one.

    I think the agents have been trained to:

    i) use BT as a scapegoat.

    ii)remind people that it’s a free service and therefore it might work but if it doesn’t it’s OK cause it’s free

    iii) hang up when you ask them a remotely technical question

    We were upgraded to an 8Mb line recently but have not been online since! W00-hoo, 3 weeks and counting!(we were barely online 60% of the

    time before) Get an error 680, then later error 619 after connecting for 10-15 secs. Go figure…

    I’ve been using my employers connection instead so if I get sacked soon I BLAME U TALK TALK!

    I currently work for an IT company who support a popular ISP (but cannot mention their name as it is breach of DPA) and used to do some tech

    support for them and know that the general public can be a pain. It works both ways so always be patient even if it means listening to that

    TALK TALK theme tune over and over until you feel like crying. I actually managed to watch the Lord of the rings trilogy whilst on hold one

    day/night. It was a very emotional experience. I just wish they could put some different tunes on their hold playlist.

    Check out the lyrics:

    Something In The Air
    Thunderclap Newman lyrics

    Call out the instigator (engineer)
    Because there’s something in the air (yes, a rusty phone line)
    We got to get it together sooner or later (you’re daamn right)
    Because the revolution’s here and you know it’s right (erm, the internet was formed by ARPANET in the 60’s and became popular in the 90’s)
    And you know that it’s right (nope, it’s false)
    We have got to get it together (yup)
    We have got to get it together, now (just do it then)

    —- Instrumental Interlude —-

    Close up the streets and houses (it gets worse)
    Because there’s something in the air
    We got to get it together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here and you know it’s right
    And you know that it’s right
    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together, now

    —- Instrumental Interlude —-

    Hand out the arms and ammo (mmm, interesting business plan there)
    Were gonna blast our way from here (that’s why it ain’t workin’)
    We got to get it together sooner or later
    Because the revolution’s here and you know it’s right
    And you know that it right
    We have got to get it together
    We have got to get it together, now

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  32. I have to say, angry mob, you’re avoiding poor Carol’s original problem.

    CAROL – Talktalk do host webmail, I’d advise you take advantage of the fact that your internet works, yet there is something wrong in the mix with outlook.

    in your address bar, type in

    and enter your details, you should get instant access.

    To try and keep to the theeme of “off topic comments”, I’d like to mention that I’ve just watched an excellent episode of Crimestoppers Uk – Daytime TV istnt as awful as people make out. Oh, did you know stagecoach has just taken their fare’s up – now thats something worth moaning about!

  33. .. you know whats worse than commenting on a post, thinking its a different post.

    .. At the moment, nothing comes to mind. – It would be AWESOME if moderator wouldnt post either comment.. 🙂

    (ya know, thus avoiding showing everyone that I’m a dumbass..)

  34. Extract from an email I sent to Charles Dunstone and copied to ofcom, makes a change from a complaint about broadband:

    TALKTALK agent Satti R (removed) visited our home on 14th September 2006,and spoke to Helen to ‘run through some of the benefits’ which TALKTALK had to offer and discuss a possible switch from BT. Helen explained that we use the phone as a business line and as she is a mobile florist, the landline is on divert to her mobile for the majority of the working day. Satti confirmed that not only would they be able to activate the divert system ‘as soon as the account switched from BT to TALKTALK’, but it would also be cheaper. Seeing the apparent savings, we decided to switch to TALKTALK.

    On October 4th our landline switched to TALKTALK, Helen attempted to activate the divert to her mobile and this service was unavailable. Helen called the customer service centre and was informed that the call divert service would take ‘5 to 7 working days to activate’. I subsequently contacted a TALKTALK representative on Thursday morning and spoke to Jim on team 31 to express my dissatisfaction that this service was not available immediately, as stated by the representative (Satti Reddy). Jim apologised and informed me that that the service ‘would definitely be activated by the following Saturday’. By Saturday 7th the service was still not active so I called another representative on team 35 (unfortunately I haven’t got their name), she informed me that the advice I was given previously (by Jim on team 31) was entirely incorrect and the divert system could take ‘another 5 working days to activate’. I informed her that after calling BT I would call back to confirm cancellation of our contact with TALKTALK, as TALKTALK had already cost Helen 3 days takings from telephone orders.

    I subsequently contacted BT to request reconnection and, understandably, they are only able to reconnect when TALKTALK has released the line. I called TALKTALK back to confirm cancellation of our contract this morning and have been informed that this will take ‘up to 48 hrs’. This means that Helen will have to wait a further 2 days before being able to divert calls to her mobile. I was also informed that we would ‘receive a bill’ for the outstanding balance!

    As a small, recently established mobile florist, Helen does not have a shop or employ any staff to answer the phone, and I have a full time job. The business/shop number is almost always on divert to Helen’s mobile phone. Telephone orders for bouquets probably average £30-£50 per day. I appreciate that when compared to daily turnover of TALKTALK, or indeed Mr Dunstones hourly salary this may seem insignificant, but I am sure you can appreciate that to a new small business like Helen’s every days takings is significant. By the time we re-connect with BT, we will have had no divert service for a total of 5 working days.

  35. In reference to the errors an 10-15 second disconnects you can see this problem more clearly on an ADSL router. I have the same problem and the router shows ADSL UP, PPP connecting, CONNECTED IP ADDRESS ……then ADSL DOWN, basically the ASDL light just flashes on and off and stays on at most for around 30 seconds. this is even from the master socket in the house. When it does conenct I can browse at 2meg for about 10 seconds before the disconnect kicks in, what kind of equipment are these monkeys using? maybe they are using very old BT kit for the broadband.

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  38. I can’t believe how crap talk talk are. After 2 hrs on the phone to their tech support they advised there was nothing more they cd do to help me access internet, and that the prob. was with my PC (i shd get a new one?)

    Now I read that the prob is theirs and if you connect with an IP address starting 84 you are fine (I was) but if it starts 89 you are screwed. I checked and this is the case with me. Implying the prob. is def theirs???



  39. Tried to use their ‘contact us’ facility on the Talk Talk website. It was only after I had filled in all the details, including a lengthy message, that I realised that there was no ‘SEND’ or ‘PROCEED’ button i.e. no way to get the message to them through their own emailing facility. What a crazy organisation it is!

  40. Good God Onetel/Talk Talk E mail is absolutely dreadful. Over Christmas I was unable to even look at a Onetel Web Page net alone check my mail. I spent hours on the phone and I was fobbed off with every excuse under the sun. And I mean every excuse, please if you are considering any Talk Talk product be warned they take your money and then are not interested in you, and you will definately receive a very poor product. Two empty tins and a length of string will be better. In short be warned.

  41. Well I can accept that TalkTalk provide the worst broadband service on the planet, someone has to.
    What I find stunning however is their lack of technical support or any kind of technical knowledge.

    Have these people ever actually seen a PC?

    I guess you get what you pay for and since it’s a free broadband package I should expect a worthless service.

  42. they give you a date for your broadband but you will wait a further month to get connected they do not answer emails, in fact I emailed and told Charles to get off the golf coarse and start listening to his customers guess what no reply in fact I must have sent about ten emails but to no avail the service is pure shite it cost me £8 trying to get the broadband sorted half that time was listening to music and the other half trying to understand somebody from Pakistan who could barely speak english

  43. I guess I wont be switching then. Thank god I stumbled across this site!

  44. I was give the date of end Feb 2007 to go live, but it happened on 6th July. Had a few minor problems, like not getting connected – taking advice from a technician. I loaded the CD and it has worked well ever since. There have been major problems with telephones, but this in fact is at your local exchange, not TT. However, there is a problem at TT re caller display which they are apparently trying to fix! Fingers crossed that perhaps I am one customer who is now connected satisfactorily.

  45. pay for 8mb get .765kbps on a good day, connection drops out all the time, tech support just repeats itself, neighbours get 2-4mb, have tried my equipment on their connection and it worked perfectly, only now when I want to leave do they tell me I need to re-sign with BT at a cost of £70 to get my own line back!!!to make matters worse I’m told my exchange has already been unbundled so this is the best I can expect you are one load of crap

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