Jon gives the long suffering another useful link

Even though Oftel in Oftel form apparently won’t address individual consumer issues, these guys will.

Not a lot to go on here, but if TT is not providing the service for a period of 28 days, I am told you can cancel the contract. Office of Fair Trading are probably as bored of TT as everyone else. The official complaint proceedure is to write to TT (keep copies), and if you don’t get a satisfactory response, you can (after 12 weeks from the date of your first complaint) complain to Otelo ( What they decide is binding on TT but not you. Unfortunately, courts prefer you to go through the complaints proceedure first and are expensive if you lose. My advice would be to use Otelo first (I know the wait hurts), but if you’re serious with your complaint, I don’t think you have much choice 😦

Thanks Jon! Anyone try this? Let us know how it goes. Also, we’ve made it over 10,000 hits. Thanks again guys.


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