Darren gives number to release us from Talk Talk MAC dominance

Apparently Ofcom will grab the MAC for you? Give it a shot if you’re having trouble.

June….Ofcom will free the line up for you, ie. mac code. give the mac code to someone respectable like BT…. or try 0800 169 9576, they may be able to help in situations like this, i.e. removing markers from the line so you wont need a mac-code. in cases of CPW where the company is LLU, the mac code process does not apply by the way.

Talk to Darren

I’m still playing catch up with you guys. The response over the last few days has been overwhelming. Thank you :). Lots more updates to come!


2 responses to “Darren gives number to release us from Talk Talk MAC dominance

  1. Darren, you are fantastic. You are the great carphone whorehouse destroyer. You are like Knightrider when it comes to these guys. You are a wealth of information in regards to cowbag whorehouse. Darren, we would like to see you top naked.

    Meanwhile, back on earth… no-one has yet asked me for a breakdown, detailed discription on the meanings in their clauses on their terms and conditions, anyone interrested ? email me on darren.jackson@bt.com

  2. I wouldn’t be adverse to some topless photos of Darren…. Did you get any response?

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