Charged 70 pounds for a service never received

If Dunstone actually accounted for all the customers they haven’t been able to successfully get up and running, his fabulous projections wouldn’t be so fabulous. Instead he’d have to say that they have about 50 new customers. Alan’s tale….

Snap. I signed up in April. Iwas given a provisional Go live date of June. It got to july before I was asked to obtain a MAC code. I provided this on July 6 but was never given a Start Up pack or go Live date. When I eventually got through on the phone I was told the Mac code had been rejected & that TalK Talk had phoned to let me know but got no answer. It didn’t occur to them to leave a message on the Talk Talk mesage service. In spite of sending the Mac code twice by phone and once by e-mail I still have no go live date and in the meantime I continue to pay £25.00 per month for my broadband connection.. Talk Talk do not respond to my e-mails and it is virtually impossible to speak to anyone on the phone. Even when you do they just say they don’t the answer. Needless to say I’ve cancelled and gone back to BT. It will be interesting to see how they try to justify a £70.00 cancellation charge when they have continually failed to honour thier part of the contract. The small print says “You may charged £70.00”. I may pay it… but I doubt it.

I wouldn’t. Check out the sidebar Alan, lots of ways to try and get out of paying (for a service you haven’t received.) Anyone else think it’s cynical to have a 14 day cooling off period when they can’t promise service for two months?


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