Another David who knows more than their techies. Unsurprising.

I know some of the Talk Talk employees are doing their best to make their customers happy. I know some are very apt at their jobs. But it’s hard to keep faith that they’re the majority when they send people things like this.

There are three main factors which determine the speed you can receive on Broadband. These are the exchange capabilities, the distance you live from the exchange and the quality of your line. Talk Talk’s ‘free broadband forever’ LLU service supports up to an 8mb connection speed, so in terms of the exchange capabilities, this is supported. However, the maximum speed you may be able to attain as an individual will depend on your line quality and the distance you live from the exchange. – These factors we have no control over.

Well yes, we know what your form e-mail says. However, David didn’t have any trouble with his connection until he switched to you. So, I’d say that discounts distance from the exchange and line quality. What else could it be?

Check out the TT screen shot here

Check out the BT screen shot (remember, same kit, same exchange) here!

That’s a massive difference….


6 responses to “Another David who knows more than their techies. Unsurprising.

  1. David…Thats not correct, as TalkTalk LLU strip the BT exchange and place their own equipment in there.. So, technicaly speaking, if the technology in the exchange is not as advanced as other suppliers, then the service speed and quality will not be as good.. So, the technology is actually bought from Cable And Wireless (a company in trouble), how old is their technology in comparison to BT ?

  2. Darren,
    That is the whole point, it is still BT technology, they have not changed anything at my exchange yet.
    I am on the same 2mb connection that TalkTalk has to rent of BT until they put their own equipment in, which if I believe them will be in September, then it should be a 8mb connection and I have been told that my line should be capable of running at 6.5mb.
    The slow down was immediate, one day I was a BT customer(fast), the next day TalkTalk (slow).
    Please be aware that the two screen shots I have taken (link above) were taken at the same time two nights ago. This is done by going to the BT test site and doing a speed test which will tell you what speed you are getting with your current isp.(470kbps) in my case.
    Then you log in to your internet connection with a special password instead of your own and do another speed test, thus bypassing your isp.(1905kbps) in my case.

  3. no…it is not bt technology , even though the roll out has not been done at the exchange, you are still using their servers, probably bought from a 3rd world circa 1925 before dino.

    guys…lets face it.. talk talk cut corners. they are poo.

  4. So basically I’m never going to get anywhere arguing with them that the slow speed is down to them.
    Just have to hope I get an increase in speed when they do the LLU.

  5. when they go to LLU you will see a deteriation depending on their 3rd party suppliers of technology.. like ive said before , if they are giving it for free (which they are not , believe me !), you can bet they are cutting corners. world leaders in BB technology are China, then Holland, US , and UK. They are probably buying their technology, via Cable and Boneless via Ethiopia (*sings out for Geldof)


  6. I have visions of Compaq ProSignia 200s dancing in my head.

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