Richard says Ofcom useless to the consumer.

So, it’s a regulatory body designed for companies to whine about each other? Fantastic. Anyone have any tips of where we can go to actually complain?

I agree 100% with every comment I have read about Talk Talk and their toatlly non existent customer service….I even wrote by e-mail to Dunstone personally and got a quick reply with an apology….I now realise the message was simply an automatic response. Something must be done about this company. You can’t complain to Ofcom as they will not deal with individual customer problems….My advice is have nothing at all to do with Talk Talk

That’s good advice Richard

Anyone know where we can go? Apparently Watchdog haven’t been overly helpful.


14 responses to “Richard says Ofcom useless to the consumer.

  1. If everyone put all their ligit complaints re TALK TALK on this site, and then all these complaints was submitted en-mass to Office Of Fair Trading, or Trading Standards, then surely they , as a public service, have to investigate and enforce its own laws against CPW. Just an idea… Would this site owner be up for that ? ? ?

    ..darren .. (email…

  2. Ofcom, a good idea but its understaffed and has to deal with spivs and wide boy companies out to delay customers at every turn…(anyone mention Talk Talk here?)

    Think about it a few hundred staff at most to resolve thousands of complaints from telecoms companies(and thats just Talk Talk)

  3. What about getting some airtime on the BBC, try get some coverage on Watchdog?

    A friend tells me this weekend that TT were supposed to migrate his line when he moved house, they didn’t/couldn’t/screwed it up and it defaulted to BT (lucky bugger). However, there was still £5 owing on the account which he was never told about. He now has debt collectors sending him letters (the 1st he knew about the debt) and it’s going to affect his credit rating! Pathentic!!!

  4. CPW are unable to do house moves, they refer to back to BT to carry out the leg work, however, what they dont tell you is that the minimum term for line-rental with BT is 3 months, and they also dont point out that 1 – when you move house the 18month minimum term with CPW starts again, and 2 – the minimum 18month term is a rolling term, which meens if at any time during the 18month period you go into arrears or the service gets suspended, then the 18month period starts all over again (on re-commencement of service). Homer, good idea about the BEEB.. However, I still think that all these letters on this site should be sent to the Government, because obviously Ofcom are failing in the publics best interrest. CPW are truely a mickey mouse company (no offence Disney, RIP)


  5. None of you will believe this but I got 3 phone personal calls from Talk Talk customer services yesterday evening. I think writing to Charles Dunstone helps but he has probably got a dedicated team fielding his e-mails so he may never read customer complaints ….Anyway Ben up North somehwhere listened carefully to my concerns – no final settlement paperwork following a house move 6 weeks ago – he promised everything would be sorted out by post. He did say the customer “service” department is inundated with mail and cannot deal with it all quickly enough. My feeling is that Talk Talk is sadly an inefficient monster that is now out of control.

  6. Guys…listen carefully….Chris Rea is writing a sequel, in honour of Talk Talk, to Road To Hell… And also Meatloaf are releasing the 3rd installment in October, as advice to Talk Talk Customers, – get out of there like A BAT OUT OF HELL

    anyone wanna send me some personal gripes re Talk Talk, Iove reading them –

  7. I understand my broadband ‘Go Live’ will be sometime in August, so, with this is mind, I called customer service to find out what date it will be activated. I placed my first call on Sunday 6th August 2006 at approximately 13:00. The customer service agent advised me my go live date is 12th August 2006. He then advised me there is a problem on my account so, until the problem is resolved, I will not be able to receive broadband. He explained the problem was to do with my account showing as inactive. He then went on to assure me the problem would be resolved by Tuesday 8th June 2006.

    Therefore, I called back on Tuesday 8th June at approximately 19:30 and was advised to speak to the faults department. I was put through to the operator at extension 3395 who advised me the problem had still not been resolved. He then assured me the problem would be resolved in another 24 hours.

    Again, I called back on Wednesday 9th June at approximately 20:00 and was advised the problem had still not been resolved. I spoke to Kira in the Options team. She advised me the problem was nearly resolved – she actually gave me her word it would be.

    I have called again this morning (11th August 2006) at 08:00. I spoke to Paul at the faults department on extension 3395. He said the problem has not been resolved.

    I am getting extremely frustrated with the service I am receiving from Talk Talk. Whenever I speak to customer services, faults or the options team, I am fobbed off with the same ‘it will be fixed in 24/48 hours’ advice. This is clearly not being investigated properly. WHAT A SHAMBLES!!

  8. Mesley, a huge problem I totally understand. My advice – try to get out of there and keep using our “old broadbandprovider” it is not worth the hassle fighting to become a talktalk customer and then fighting to get the hell out of there again because it doesn´t work. the worst thing as you say is there is no possibility to speak to somebody competent. i use ZEN internet for work now and this is the rolls royce of all broadband providers and at home i use NTL. They have improved a lot and everything works fine with them. Sorry to here about the cock ups regarding your account Mesley and the only advise I can give you is run away from them as quickly as you can

  9. ..sorry typo again – “your” old provider of course..

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  14. I include a letter I have just sent to Talk talk and Roxburgh Debt collecters, Talk talk don’t talk, didn’t fulfill their contract and now threaten me with some bullying baillifs………

    To Whom it may concern,
    I am sending this letter to both the carphone warehouse and Roxburgh debt collectors, about the attempted extortion of money from me by said companies, REF 21702988 (roxburgh).

    I , Mr thelwall, had a telephone and internet account with Talktalk (carphone wharehouse) for the past couple of years, about a year ago I attempted to leave and join Tiscali, tiscali informed me that the Carphone Wharehouse refused to give a mac code. The next thing was that early this year ’09 talktalk began ringing me trying to get a renewed contract, they repeatedly rang at meal times and with a busy family and work I eventually caved in to this invasive and agressive selling technique, but only after I had been promised a wireless modem for free if I agreed to another years contract. I never signed anything. No contract ever arrived . No modem ever arrived. I considered the contract null and void due to no completion. I decided a little later to look at my talk talk bills as this was something i was unhappy about, I looked online and found no itemised bills available, shocked that I could not see what I had paid for I tried to contact the company. Try to ring talktalk, for a phone company you will find it nigh impossible to phone them. I then decided some to try Virgin Cable provision. Before the cable was installed, and indeed before I had even had a chance to give notice to Talk talk, my email accpount dissappearred, my passwords no longer worked and I was subsequently billed including a £70 charge for breaking a contract? A contract which not only doesn’t exist but also had been broken by talktalk by not providing the modem.

    Talk talk have since given this illegal bill to a debt collection firm who are now threatening me with solicitors and or local collectors (bailliffs). I had prior to this and since attempted to open discussions with talk talk but they don’t talk.

    I will take this up with my lawyer and with consumer watchdog organisations. I have offered to pay what I owe and am quite happy to pay what I owe but not some trumped up charges for services not provided, I will include a £20 charge to talktalk for each letter I am forced to write as it takes time out of my busy work schedule.

    Yours Sincerely, Milo Thelwall

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