Just walk away

June has the almighty knowledge of what happens when you try and get some service from Talk Talk.

Talk Talk should have been named Walk Walk Away Quickly. It is terrible no reply to emails’ if you are lucky enough to get to speak to any one they will fob you off with any old story to get you off the line. I would cancell but you can’t get to the cancellation dept so I am unconnected and stuck, I have been on this high rate phone line since April been given several connection dates and am still waiting, given my mac code 8 times, it ran out so had to get another, but believe me when I say Walk away don’t even think about it or you will have one big headache

How is it they don’t know what’s going on? Everyone else does. Fix it damn it! Talk to June


2 responses to “Just walk away

  1. Why is it you research these ‘deals’ the media give it the thumbs up and you make the informed decision to switch from BT to Talk Talk yet the company cannot deliver the service as promised.

    I have read most of the blogs here and exactly the same has occurred with the Talk Talk requesting a MAC Code, unaware the order was dropped into the mysterious black hole of Talk Talk ‘customer’ system. This problem is ongoing from May 2006 and needless to say we are left without Broadband and a promise date of October 2006! What a waste of my time.

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