David manages to speak to a real human being.

I like happy endings. Everyone likes happy endings right? Else Hollywood wouldn’t exist and we would only have sticks and rocks for entertainment.
Well, David managed to get his happy ending with Talk Talk. Go David!

Perseverence is the key I would suppose. Maybe though I have just been a little luckier than most as I have managed to sort the problems with some toungue lashing and professional clout as I am a financial and mortgage adviser and need a reliable line for sourcing software updates and they can be huge! But I do not like paying money out unecessarily either. I can access my emails, update any software I have that needs updating, get my emails and have outside contact again. Quite happy at the moment. Let’s see what the future holds.

I’m thinking being a financial advisor helps. But he’s still being billed by BT. Score 1 for Talk Talk and 0 to BT.
Talk to David and find out how he did it :).


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