The 5 fundamentals

This website seems to be inactive at the moment. However, his or her complaint seems to be quite valid.

Getting busy due to launching Free Broadband deals should not be an excuse for management to become unreasonable and over demanding. It’s okay admitting there is a need for upping staff and that this is ‘ongoing’, but knowing this to be the issue and then turn around and increase workload for existing staff – being stricter on targets and threatening disciplinaries is ridiculous! Instore Staff had mobiles as their area of expertise and now deal with TalkTalk Landline and Broadband. Contact Centre Staff have silly call targets, how can they adhere to a scheduled break and lunch times when it’s unrealistic to control how long a customer is going to spend wanting help or fixing a problem… for the same reason how is it realistic to expect 3-6 minute calls and getting at least 10 calls an hour considering the nature of customers and the amount of problems this company creates of its own back! Besides what would a customer with his 20 questions think, if we told him “manager says we’ve only got 5 minutes!” – not much ‘First Contact Delight’ is there Charles? (Sorry, did we just here you scratching off those Five Fundamentals with your finger nails?)

Two sides of the same story eh? And none of us, except Dunstone on the yacht, are happy.

Thanks again André

(It might take me a bit to catch up, ya’all have been active this weekend!)


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