the outlook is sunny?

I’m not even talking about the weather forecast in Manchester today. A Talk Talk employee (not Fido) has drifted in to remind us about the new call centres being built. On a side note, what amuses me about said call centres is that they’re being implemented by Affiniti, a class ISP if there ever was one.

Talktalk are opening a new call centre to combat the problems they have. It is the 1st time that they have been known to have bad service and are trying to rectify it.

They are having problems as more people signed up to broadband then they estimated.

I’m sure, as frustrating as it is, if peole hold tight and put up with it a bit longer it will get better and you will be able to enjoy the cheap/free broadband.

I’m not sure it’s worth it, FYI. The possibility of cancelling my service with you when my contract up scares me to bits. Will it be better than now? Possibly. But, even when I was checking out Talk Talk initially all reports pointed to crap customer service. If what we’re receiving now is indicative of a corporate culture, I’m not sure how more bodies will change that.

Talk to FYI


7 responses to “the outlook is sunny?

  1. okay guys….anyone wants a complete detailed breakdown on Talk Talks sweet little terms and conditions (they are conviently hidden, as they are 18 A4 pages long), by all meens email me and i will send you details of the clauses and their meanings

    be afraid , be very afraid is what i say.. lucky enough, im educated in law, so i read their terms and decided against even approaching them in the first instance.

  2. hey there boys and girls, you may be interrested in (set up by ofcom), gives results per 100 lines for various providers, showing faults reported, billing inaccs etc etc.. it does show BT has having the majority share, but bear this in mind – CPW are a close second, and BT has 17million customers where has CPW only have 2.5million… based on that, the results are actually shocking , CPW customers . . . be afraid !!!
    cowbog whorehouse, all dope-smokin crack whores from hell

  3. This is an e-mail I sent to TalkTalk customer service on Monday 7 August and copied to CEO Charlie Dunstone. They really are a bunch of cowboys!

    “Still no response to my previous messages to TalkTalk Customer Services in the last two weeks (no surprise, unfortunately!) Two messages were sent using the TalkTalk online service and the other being the e-mail sent last Wednesday 2 August (see at the end of this message).
    Since I sent that message, I have received further confirmation of just how appalling the customer service at TalkTalk has become in recent weeks. I finally got through on your Customer Services number last Thursday 3rd August, after 4 days of trying involving dozens of calls. I spoke to a customer services adviser based somewhere on the Indian sub-continent who took an inordinately long time to get to grips with my issues and constantly put me on hold to speak to a supervisor.
    When I demanded information on when my Broadband connection would ever be upgraded to meet the minimum 2Mbps available at my local exchange, he chose to simply lie to me and told me to call 0800 049 0049, where someone would talk me through the process of upgrading my Broadband connection on my PC. As I discovered when I called, this number was simply the Carphone Warehouse general enquiries number. To say that I was furious with having been lied to in this fashion is an understatement! I want some action taken against this employee and I want it confirmed to me that action has been taken.
    Later on Thursday 3rd August, I called TalkTalk Customer Services again and finally got through after about 6 attempts to an adviser called Praneeta. I made it plain that I did not want to be transferred to anybody else as I had no confidence in the ability of TalkTalk to do that professionally, given my earlier experience,. After being put on hold many times, Praneeta eventually gave me the information that I have been seeking for the last few weeks, although it remains to be seen if I have actualy been given truthful and accurate information or if I have simply been lied to again. I asked that a note be put on my account confirming what she had told me.
    Praneeta guaranteed that my current Broadband connection would be upgraded at the local exchange within 5 working days. Today is Monday 7th which is the second working day since I was given that guarantee, That means that unless my Broadband is at least 2Mbps connection speedby close of business on Thursday, I will deem Talk Talk to be in breach of contract and I will take steps to find a reliable supplier of both Broadband and telephone service.
    In the meantime, I would like a refund of my first £10 fee for my new Broadband service which I have not yet received despite it being paid to TalkTalk on 20th July by Direct Debit along with my £29.99 connection fee. Page 2 of my online order confirmation on 10 July says “Your Broadband service should activate now”. If the latest information that I was given by Praneeta is correct, it will be 10th August when I receive what I ordered and paid for in terms of Broadband on 10 July, i.e a full month will have elapsed with no high speed Broadband service.
    Finally, I am immensely disappointed in the service I have received from TalkTalk in the last few months. I have encouraged many people to sign up to TalkTalk since June 2004, but I am now appalled at how poor my experience has become recently. You have a chance to put things right and I hope you take it. I look forward to:
    1) My Broadband connection finally achieving the minimum 2Mbps standard by Thursday 10 August.
    2) A refund of my £10 High Speed Broadband fee for a service which I have not yet received.

    I hope that I get at least the courtesy of a response this time. I can be called on ****during office hours.


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  5. angrytalktalkcustomer

    You should fear the day you have to cancel…

    I switched to a better provider when my contract was up, and have subsequently had to call talktalk 30 or more times to get them to stop sending letters demanding money I don’t owe them (due to presumably poor admin practices, they continued to charge me after my contract had expired… they owe me money but are threatening me with bailiffs for a sum I do not owe) . Its been four months and I’m still not out of the woods yet.

    For those who claim that all big companies have issues, I would say this: I’ve been in contact with my MP, and they tell me that talktalk have about the same number of complaints on file as BT, which sounds ok til you realise how many fewer customers talktalk have. Relatively speaking, talktalk have far more problems than other providers of a comparable size.

    The answer; go with a reputable, smaller company. It’s worth the extra few quid a month, not a day has gone by without me regretting choosing talktalk.

  6. Just to give people perspective, in the 1st 2 YEARS that BT launched broadband they signed up 200,000 people, in the 1st 2 MONTHS Talktalk had about 300,000 people sign up. Even in their wildest expectations they were not expecting that volume of customers. That is why there has been problems getting people signed up and the getting the customer service in order. As I stated before things are going to get a lot better and then people will have a great value, quality service. Most already do and there are not many customers out there with un-resolved issues.


  7. hi, dont know if anyone here can help me, cos noone at talktalk can!!!!
    my webmail account with talktalk is set up through mirosoft outlook wich all works fine and dandy when i at home, but if i accsess my webmail, for example at work or at somewhere other than my home……….. the inbox is empty!!?

    can anyone help?

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