Suggestion, perhaps BT will take us on?

André has gone ahead and filed a claim against the Carphone Warehouse so his credit doesn’t go down the toilet along with the broadband service. He also has this suggestion:

I have an idea. Tiffany, why don´t you put an ad up on the homepage of this site asking if any other broadband company would be prepared to sponser you to put an ad in the Financial Times or in the Guardian about this site 😉

I’d certainly be up for it. But then, I also have to mention a big ‘Hi!’ to the various BT employees checking us out. You guys got me on mail chain? Any suggestions? Promotions? Willing to buy us from Dunstone yet?


2 responses to “Suggestion, perhaps BT will take us on?

  1. with LLU going on you want to do what bulldog ‘clients’ did (clueless & witless) did (google it), Dunstone is not the 100% cosher businessman with an premuim line sms service or too.

    Theres a shady side to him to. What big boss ‘say’ does not mean anybody bothers to listen to him. Anybody who gets FREE broadband is a sucker and is thus exploitable by Charles ‘shady’ Dunstone.

  2. The service isn’t really free though, is it? Just bundled up with other Carphone Warehouse products.

    How is Dunstone not kosher?

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