Same old, same old situation

Same complaints over and over again, yet Carphone Warehouse won’t acknowledge anything that goes beyond ‘hold times over 300 seconds.’ Seriously, Dunstone-world must be very, very exciting.

I have tried to set up new emails in the talktalk webmail option. this works fine but when you try to access the emails via the webmail page, you just get: “The server responded: -ERR Incorrect login or password incorrect. Check you have the correct username and password for the account. Server returned ( 0 NO Login failed. )” I’ve sent an email to the new account as requested, but still – nothing. I’m not even bothering with the “whelp desk”

Kind of makes me wish I’d kept my old Freeserve webmail account open. Anyone have something for Dukeguy?

That offer for GMail invites is still open BTW. Just comment and I’ll drop it to the e-mail address you guys use to post with.

3 responses to “Same old, same old situation

  1. Darren (Insane Homer)

    I have a gmail account. It’s great. good web interface, works with most clients and has good anti-spam.

  2. Pop3 is a little dicey as well right now, very inconsistent.

    Nearly as bad as British Gas now, send you an online bill but you can’t log on!

  3. I too am coming exasperated with TalkTalk failure to log on despite numerous attempts. I have given up on their webmail and now use Bluebottle, which I find fantastic – (no I don’t work for them!). It has many useful feature for the discerning user.
    Only one (very slight) drawback, as an American company the timing are in CDT (Central daylight time) which is about 5 hours behind UK. But I can live with that

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